You will Play the Role of a Digital Forensic Analyst and Investigate a Murder Mystery: Digital Forensic Assignment, BU, US

University Boston University (BU)
Subject Digital Forensic

Assignment Details:


In this project, you will play the role of a digital forensic analyst and investigate a murder mystery. A few days after Halloween 2015, a terrible crime occurred at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign campus. Hapless Victim was murdered in the dorm. The victim was last seen alive on November 4, 2015, early afternoon in class and was discovered dead at approximately 11 pm the same day. Officers were not able to immediately detect the actual sign of death and asked the forensics team to investigate. While waiting for the forensics team to share the result, they have performed digital forensics analysis on the victim’s hard disk.

A suicidal note was left on the hard disk. The forensics team confirmed that the victim was dead as how the suicidal note mentioned. Hence, the investigation department’s initial conclusion to the case was suicidal. However, with further investigation, they opened the possibility of murder and filtered out a few suspects. They could not find all suspects, but instead, we’re able to obtain the hard disk of all suspects.

Investigators successfully decrypted the hard disks and created images for further investigation. Your job is to conduct a forensic examination of the disk image and document any evidence related to the murder. If you find sufficient evidence, the suspect will be extradited and face trial.

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  • Understand how computer use can leave persistent traces and why such evidence is often difficult to remove or conceal.
  • Gain experience applying the security mindset to investigate computer misuse and intrusion.
  • Learn how to retrieve information from a disk image without booting the operating system and understand why this is necessary to preserve forensic integrity.

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