45+ Biology Research Paper Topics on Human Anatomy,Genetics,Bio-Chemistry etc. for College Students

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Biology is a very vast subject and students fail to manage a good & popular research topic for their research paper easily. That is why free topics list for research on Biology is given here by the Students Assignment Help for college, senior high school, masters & PhD students.

So if you are asked to write a research paper on Biology then these innovative topics ideas can be considered easily for free of cost. You can also try a little modification of the list as per the type of research paper assigned to you like an argumentative research paper, persuasive research paper, compare and contrast research paper etc

Argumentative Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Use of steroids in sports is good or bad?
  2. Artificial sweetener & health
  3. Abortion
  4. Cosmetic surgery
  5. Drugs

Human Biology Research Paper Topics & Ideas for college & high school students

  1. Functions of the human brain
  2. Pancreas and its role in metabolism
  3. Immune system
  4. Heart and its tributaries
  5. Respiratory system

Interesting Presentation topics of Biology

  1. Sealife
  2. Vascular surgery
  3. Saving the earth
  4. Plastic bags & environment
  5. Environmental pollution

Biology Research Paper Topics on Human Anatomy

  1. How the normal cells of the human body get affected to transform into tumour cells?
  2. What are the main reasons behind the failure of organ transplantation in some cases?
  3. How Abortions and miscarriage affect the anatomy and internal structure of the female reproductive system?
  4. Why neuron cells of the human body do not have to capacity to recover from injuries and other sorts of tear?
  5. Effect of human psychology on the brain cells of the body.
  6. What should be done to broken tissue alignment in different organs of the human body?

Interesting Biology Research Paper Topics on Biotechnology

  1. Role of biotechnology in giving affordable medicines to the people in the present scenario.
  2. How biotechnology is serving a vital role in the field of new verities’ of flowers and vegetables?
  3. Importance of tissue culture and cloning in biotechnology.
  4. Best utilization of the Biotechnology in the development of high yielding crops.
  5. What could be done to enhance the use of Biotechnology applications over traditional methods of farming?
  6. How we can see the future of biotechnology in the coming decade for agriculture and pharma industry?
  7. Effect of environmental change on the effect of Biotechnology applications.

Best Scientific Biology research paper topics on Genetics

  1. Role of recombinant DNA technology in the different arena of genetics in human life.
  2. How we can alter the genome of a human chromosome as per the requirement by applying the new techniques of biotechnology?
  3. Why some people get hereditary diseases which their parents do not have?
  4. How is the success rate of altered DNA for specific traits in the human body and what are its major drawbacks?
  5. What are the different steps followed during the process of genome modification of an individual?
  6. Can we say that transgender; differently-abled people and unisexual behaviour of a person could be hereditary based on his DNA?
  7. What could be the consequences if the government legalize the cloning system for the human body?
  8. How mutations can also be settled to the previous stage with the help of various DNA medication techniques available in present time?

Simple Biochemistry research topic Ideas

  1. What is the main cause behind the low intake of sodium and chloride by our body?
  2. How high level of minerals in the body can also be dangerous for human life?
  3. Can we detect leukemia through high hemoglobin count in the blood which is too far too normal?
  4. Why medical science is still unable to find a solution for the treatment of people suffering through Gout or excess of uric acid in the body?
  5. What is cushion’s syndrome and how can we treat it by applying biochemistry?
  6. What could be the possible reason of excessive obesity in the human body when all his body examination is normal?
  7. How excess of lipid intake is harmful to the body even when you are taking good fats every day?
  8. How we can see the growth of biochemistry application in coming future and its benefits for society?
  9. Can we say that Bio-chemistry is emerging out as independent discipline these days?

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