List Of Good Research Topics for Kids On Science,History,General Awareness And Art

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Every teacher assigns a research paper to students in school to inculcate research experience in children. That is why easy and interesting research topics for kids are enlisted here by the Students Assignment Help. The topics are easy to research and that is why it can hold the interest of kids for a longer time.

Students can write the best quality research paper by using these topics easily. Whether you are assigned with research paper on science or history or for that matter in art the respective topics can be found below the list of research topics without any hurdle.

Interesting Research topics for Kids on science

If your teachers have assigned you with a science research paper for school assignments then these topics are going to help you in every way. The best research paper sample on science can be read by the students on before writing on these topics given below.

  1. Why the weight of an object reduces when we immerse it in the water?
  2. The reason why a person falls upon the floor when getting off from a slowly moving bus?
  3. Why whirlpool and cyclones take place in oceans?
  4. Why has an object thrown towards the sky with escape velocity never return to the earth?
  5. Is the Narco test have negative drawbacks on the mental health of a person going through this test?
  6. Why cats do not have any injury even when they jump from a very risky height?
  7. Where and when did COVID-19 start to infect humans?
  8. Do lockdowns help reduce coronavirus transmission?
  9. Why do people who are survivors of cancer have a greater chance of poor resistance to COVID-19?
  10. How is the effort to find treatments against COVID-19 changing the way drugs are developed and used?
  11. What causes people to be at high risk for complications from COVID-19?
  12. Why does hand washing prevent infections?

Interesting kid friendly research topics

No matter whether you want to write a school or college research paper these topics are relevant in both the cases. Just try to mold them a little and start writing a school research paper as well as that of college. From the research paper outline to its conclusion everything can easily be written with easy research material available on the mentioned topics. Below are the few  research ideas for kids

  1. Why the human body requires a must sleep of eight hours and what if we do not provide this rest to the body?
  2. Why the needle of a clock always moves in a clockwise direction and never in an anticlockwise direction?
  3. What are the formalities at the airport for immigration and emigration for people?
  4. Why we are not allowed to carry heavy luggage beyond the prescribed weight in airlines?
  5. How the invention of the global positioning system is helpful in catching the criminals easily for crime investigation branches?
  6. How phoenix always builds from ashes give a scientific reason for it, is it possible to explain it with reason?
  7. Can We Replace Teachers With Computers?

  8. Is it Necessary to Give Children Homework?
  9. Does it Make Sense to Allow Mobile Phones in School?

Write your history research paper on time without skipping the deadline on the fresh topics enlisted here by talented research writers. You will be amazed to see a big change in your score in the research paper by writing on these expertly suggested topics. History research paper topics given here are highly interesting to hold the curiosity of newbie writers. Here, are few research Questions  on which kids can easily perform research.

  1. How we can say that world war is based on a trivial argument?
  2. Can we see the American dream which laid the foundation of America as a complete failure?
  3. Why slaves in Africa were not happy with the abolishment of slavery?
  4. What were the problems of Diaspora people in different parts of the world?
  5. Discovery of Disney and other play areas and concepts behind their invention.
  6. What were the main causes of the Civil War?
  7. How did Vietnam war start?
  8. How can we bring peace to the world?
  9. What technological innovations promise to change the third decade of the 21st century?

 Hot Kids Research topics on arts

Research paper topics on art are also available in the list prepared by the eminent scholars for school kids. Below is the list of  good research topics for kids.

  1. What are the ancient dance forms that do not exist any longer in modern art forms?
  2. Different ancient musical instruments that are replaced by the present-day modern instruments.
  3. Why a good piece of literature is always considered as universal and relevant in an all-time period?
  4. Why we do not have an inclination towards sculptures in modern times?
  5. How poetry reflects the time period and political scenario of the place in an indirect way?
  6. What are the different major traditions that are confined to one culture only?

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