List of Health Related Research Paper Topics [ Malnutrition,Oncology & Cardiovascular Diseases ] For College Students

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Here are a few health policy topics for research to the college and university undergraduates from Students Assignment Help. You might find it hard every time to come up with a new topic that can give you a promising score in your paper. That is why this time you can venture on the given free list of topics on health policy.

All the topics are fresh and do not take up by any student so far. You can write a superior quality research proposal on these topics if you want your professors to select your research paper proposal. One thing that you have to keep in mind while reading the list is that you don’t have to find different topics for different research paper types. The topics are suitable for writing any kind of research paper for college and university assignments.

Health Policy research Topics on Oncology

  1. Why cancer is flourishing like a weed with a high pace in current time?
  2. The reason that put researchers in trouble while finding the best treatment of cancer that can eradicate it permanently?
  3. Can oncologist find permanent treatment for cancer in the future decade that can save from the sudden death of people?
  4. What are the different health policies made by WHO for those who are suffering from cancer?
  5. Can we say that personal hygiene is a major factor associated with the cause of cancer?

Best research Topics on cardiovascular diseases

  1. How we can bring suppression in the rate of death caused by cardiovascular diseases?
  2. Can we say that change in lifestyle is crucial to come out from cardiovascular diseases?
  3. How the future generation can be re-released from the fear of cardiac diseases by taking emergency steps today?
  4. How we can ensure the hundred per cent health facilities in every nook and corner of the world to save people from uncommon death?
  5. Which types of cardiovascular diseases require much focus in the present scenario to deal with?

Ideas for health policy research topics on the eradication of addiction

  1. What could be done to eradicate the different sort of addiction permanently in society?
  2. How far it is beneficial to open rehabilitation centres for treating people suffering from addiction?
  3. Government policies in different areas to help people in getting out of addiction or alcohol, drugs and smoking etc.
  4. Can we imagine a world free from the chains of addiction in a coming couple of decades?
  5. Best healthcare policies implemented in the past to make the world free of addiction.

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Health policy topics on Malnutrition

  1. How malnutrition can be tackled within the coming few decades by international health organizations?
  2. What are the initiatives taken by different countries to cater to the needs of poor people to save them from malnutrition?
  3. How Marasmus and such other diseases are causing the poor economic development of the nation by paralyzing the youth?
  4. Major ordinance prepared by a world health organization to check the root cause of malnutrition in children and lactating mothers.
  5. The difference in the rate of malnutrition in developed and developing countries and how to incorporate health plans differently in such a case.

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