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You might be confronting glitches in searching a new topic on human rights for your college research paper, essay, debate, seminar & thesis . To solve your problem Students Assignment Help professionals have served you with this top list of free research topics on human rights. The hectic life of undergraduates does not allow them to spend much time on their assignments and they keep on writing their paper on repeated topics. Such papers are not much entertained by the professors and sometimes research proposals written on these repeated topics are rejected by them. So if you want to avoid this to happen with you write your paper on the given topics.

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Argumentative and persuasive Research topics ideas on women rights

  1. How women are still unable to get their human rights in a conservative society?
  2. What are the different areas in which women still requires empowerment?
  3. How to bring changes in the laws that inhibit the entry of women in sacred places?
  4. Why we should focus on the rights of women in the educational sector?
  5. How to check the growth of misogynist ideologies of men in developed countries?
  6. Why women should be vested with the rights of property?
  7. How equal remuneration for equal work is still an ideal situation in many countries?

Critical research topics ideas on child labor

  1. Child labor is a big loss to the economy of a country.
  2. There must be some rigid law for child labor in industry and other places.
  3. Poverty is the main cause that leads to child labor.
  4. Every child should be vested with the education right in childhood to stop child labor.
  5. Parents should be punished to send their wards for labor in small age.
  6. Government is responsible for child labor in many developing nations.

Free research topics on Social equality

  1. Social equality and slavery cannot go hand in hand in society.
  2. There can never be social equality as far as the class system exists.
  3. The unequal distribution of economic resources creates social gulf among the people of different sections.
  4. There is no real right that is given to the poor and marginal section of society.
  5. Social violence should be punished by the government without any relief.
  6. A criminal should not be given with social rights in society.

Unique topics of research on pregnancy

  1. A mother should be given the ultimate rights related to the pregnancy decision.
  2. Medical termination of pregnancy should be accompanied by valid laws.
  3. Abortion law should be improved to finish the loopholes which led the criminals to escape from punishment.
  4. Female foeticide is still in practice illegally.
  5. There must be the liability of men on a child from live-in relationship.
  6. Infidelity to women after getting them pregnant should be a punishable crime.
  7. There is no proper rule and law against people who harass women morally after getting pregnant before marriage.

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Research paper topics on law of adoption

  1. The child adoption law should be strict to check any misbehavior to an orphan child.
  2. The age of adoption for a female child by the male must be legible to stop any crime against the female child.
  3. There should be a strong law for those who torture a child after adoption.
  4. Child adoption must be preferred for a married couple than to a single man.
  5. International laws on adoption still have certain loopholes that are beneficial for terrorist and criminals as well.

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