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The interesting college presentation topics given here are going to be very much helpful to you in preparing an oral presentation for your college or school. If your professor asks you to prepare your presentation then you can also pick these topics for 5 or 10 minutes for this purpose easily. You can also convert these topics into interesting research paper topics by little modification.

More Students Assignment Help professionals have suggested these unique topics for a public speaking persuasive speech as well. So the list can be used in the form of essay, research paper, and thesis and dissertation topics for college apart from presentation topics. You will find a wide array of free topic help from the Students Assignment Help in areas like technology, pollution and drug addiction. Also, find relevant topics on biotechnology and other subjects below for your presentation.

Funny Presentation Topics for college & school  students

  1. Man loves action & Women loves romance.
  2. Who gossips more-Man or women?
  3. Love at first sight.
  4. Man & menstrual cycle
  5. Women & Makeup
  6. Fear of 12th/ 10th grades

5 & 10-Minute Presentation Topics

  1. Self-motivation
  2. Importance of Time
  3. Importance of money
  4. 5 moral values
  5. 5 effects of television & children

    College  Presentation Topics on Technology

  1. The process of making energy with the help of nuclear reactors.
  2. Importance of installing antivirus software on the computer and other online devices.
  3. Steps that are being taken to remove the rate of cybercrimes from the world to make online transactions secure and reliable.
  4. The development in next-generation technology and access to online services.
  5. The online video games and their impact on the social behaviour of an individual with time.
  6. Data science and its role in computer science by keeping the current scenario in mind.

Free ideas for a presentation on Pollution

  1. The effect of smog on the human and animal respiratory system across the world.
  2. How to come out of the air pollution by planting trees on the side of the road?
  3. The process of controlling soil pollution with the help of organic farming by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.
  4. The best way to enable industries to control rising pollution by providing them with useful paraphernalia.
  5. Consequences of prolonged subjection to the noise pollution which is harmful to the human.
  6. Why bio-magnification is getting big attention in the current scenario when it comes to stopping environmental pollution?

Best presentation topics ideas on drug addiction

  1. Drug addiction and its consequences on the teenager’s mentality.
  2. Why a drug is considered as the best option by the youth to escape from the problems of life?
  3. Which types of drugs are highly harmful to the human being and can prove out to be fatal even?
  4. Why drug addiction is more dangerous than the alcoholism for depressed teenagers to take them towards psychological upheavals?
  5. Which age group is mostly gets affected by drug addiction across the globe?

Free presentation topics suggestions on Psychology

  1. Effect on the psychological development of a child in a society full of biased people.
  2. Why peer pressure should not be there on the small kids to save them from committing crimes?
  3. Why we cannot consider Autism as an inborn disorder only as it is also a result of poor social development of the child?
  4. Different types of psychological disorders that are a result of ignored social involvement and gathering of the people.
  5. Why Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be seen in both positive and negative frameworks?

Latest presentation topics on Biotechnology

  1. Benefits of biotechnology for the poor farmers of agricultural economies of the world.
  2. Why we should not see the bright side of the biotechnology development by ignoring its dark phase?
  3. What are the areas in which biotechnology has played a significant role in the form of social and economic growth?
  4. Some important terms and concepts related to the biotechnology.
  5. Plant tissue culture and its application in the cloning of useful plants in situ.
  6. What are the drawbacks of biotechnology and how to overcome them?
  7. The fundamental principles of biotechnology that are serving in cell biology these days.

Best ideas for presentation topics on Animals

  1. How we can protect animals from getting molested by the human being to get the maximum profit from the clothes made up of animal skin?
  2. How animal cruelty is seen on the global platform by the conventions working in protecting the rights of animals across the world?
  3. What are the various laws made up by the different nations of the world in making animals out of the fray of getting hunted by people?
  4. Steps were taken to save the critically endangered species of animals in the world.

Unique and interesting college presentation topics on Urbanization

  1. Why urbanization is also leading to an increased demand for professional civil engineers?
  2. What are the main aspects that can turn a rural area into an urban one with the wind of urbanization?
  3. Different difficulties that are faced by the authorities in the process of urbanization in countries which are mostly in hilly areas.
  4. Why the development of the internet has finished the need for urbanization to a great extent?
  5. What are the basic principles of urbanization that should be followed while converting a rural area into urban?

Presentation topics for graduates in Economics

  1. What is Asian premium that Asian countries pay to the oil selling countries?
  2. Why anti-dumping rules enforced by the governments to protect their local businessmen?
  3. What is parallel economic growth and how it affects the Gross domestic product of a given country?
  4. How organic farming is not able to grow the grains as per the requirement of the farmers?
  5. What is tax expenditure that the government spent during the collection of the cess and other taxes from the citizens of its country?

By considering these presentation topics you will be able to submit your college presentation on time. Those who are going to give their presentation for the first time and have no idea about how to prepare it can take help in a college presentation.

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