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It is a mind-boggling process for literature students to find the best topics for their essay and research paper assignments. The list of literature topics for essay and research paper thus plays a significant role in the life of such students. All types of literature topics are covered by the experts of Students Assignment Help in this given list.

Students can write an argumentative essay, cause and effect essay, persuasive essay etc. on these topics apart from the research paper. So do not delay writing your assignments by deciding a topic from the list available here for the college graduates. The unique topics are going to give you the best results in your assignments as lucrative marks in essays and research papers.

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Topics for essay and research paper on History of English literature

  1. How the popularity of poetry and verse decrease in the Victorian era of English literature?
  2. How opera becomes a popular art form in England and its journey from France to England?
  3. How to English literature changes with the changes in the English language?
  4. Why Chaucer is considered as an important part of English literature?
  5. How they form and context of European literature changes with different rulers?

Essay and research paper Topics ideas on Modern Literature

  1. Why fragmented literature is seen in the modern period of time?
  2. How we can explain the role of absurdity in modern English literature?
  3. Effect of war on the type of poetry in modernism and other sorts of literature.
  4. Why the heart of darkness is considered as a modern text?
  5. What were the main epithets given to the post-war literature?

Free literature topics on medieval English poetry

  1. How poetry of renaissance period depict the importance of religion in the life of people?
  2. Can we say that the role of poetry was suppressed by the theatre in the medieval era?
  3. How poetry and theatre can be seen in parallel dimensions?
  4. Why balled opera and poetry cannot be divorced at any cost in literature?
  5. Why earlier the approach to poetry is limited to the upper classes of the society only?
  6. What is the influence of chocolate and coffee houses on the poetry and its popularity on the contemporary situation?
  7. Why paradise lost is considered as an epic test of the time?

Literature topics for essay and research on Shakespeare

  1. How the development of Shakespearean characters can be seen in different plays?
  2. Why the theme of universality and realism is limited to Shakespeare only?
  3. Can we have the glimpses of the law of unity, the law of time in Shakespeare plays?
  4. How the stream of the unconscious and subconscious mind is depicted in the play hamlet by Shakespeare?
  5. What is the role of universal literature in the life of human being?
  6. How the sonnets of Shakespeare are different from that of plays in their theme?
  7. Can we say that Shakespeare has timeless literature although the context is changed?

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Best research topics of literature on renaissance

  1. How the coming of printing press brings a major change in the art and literature forms?
  2. Why renaissance is connected to the era of science and technology?
  3. Role of reason and wit in the period of renaissance and its glimpses on literature.
  4. Why do we consider renaissance as a period of literature rebirth?
  5. How the renaissance literature can be seen as the combination of a different culture in the same cocoon?
  6. What are the different aspects that influence the people to write in this period after the invention of the press?

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