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Today the matter that is related to the family structure and marriages are taking very complex form as various rules and legalization of the practises like polygamy and sister wives are becoming in the light. To understand the various family and marriage law, divorce rights and provisions for inter-religious marriages among the people there is the requirement of doing research on such topics meticulously.

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Research Paper Topics on Polygamy

Polygamy is a practice in which male of society are involved in the pursuit of multiple marriages and it becomes a reason for the suppression of the rights of women. There are societies which make this as legal while others are in a notion of doing so.

Here are some burning topics on the polygamy that you should need to consult before writing your research paper on marriage and family. This Research Paper Writing Help is given to the graduates by Students Assignment Help who are having the decade long experience in this field.

  1. How history is a live example of massive practise of polygamy among the men and hoe it went on shrinking as we move towards modern time?
  2. How should be taken polygamy in the current scenario is it needs to be legal or it is better to keep it an illegal aspect?
  3. Why some countries are still permitting polygamy as legal practice and what types of relationships are there in such setup?
  4. What types of ill task are taking place under the legalization of polygamy in some nations of the world?
  5. Is there any need of making polygamy common and legal by the rule in the global level what are the complexities associated with it like legal fathers of children?

Topics for Research on Divorce

The free topics for research on divorce are given here that can be modified a little bit to make them suitable for your assignments. You can write your research paper in the correct format by going through the Research Paper Outline Help through samples available on apart from the topics suggestion available here.

  1. What are the provisions that are set by the different countries regarding the divorce of a married couple?
  2. To which parent the rights are vested regarding the development and raising the children after divorce?
  3. Is it a good idea to keep a relationship going on for the sake of children, even if the couple is not happy in togetherness?
  4. What are the consequences regarding social taboos are confronted by the women after they get divorced?
  5. How mental and psychological conditions accompanied by stress are becoming the leading cause of divorce cases in the world in modern time?

Marriage Law Research Paper Topics

Research paper topics on marriage law are here from the subject experts of Students Assignment Help. High-quality research papers can be completed successfully on deadline by following the unique topics that are given by the experienced and top qualified writers.

  1. What are the basic legal guidelines for the people residing in two different nations for getting married?
  2. What types of reformation is needed in the marriage law to make it more subtle and authentic?
  3. How live-in relationships are getting most common in society these days and what can be done to make them legal?
  4. Effect of live-in relationships on the process of marriage law and how sometimes they both get contradictory to each other?
  5. What are the statistical data of successful marriages and what fraction of women sacrificing their lives to give the best upbringing to their children by keeping the marriage alive?

Research paper Topics on Marriage and Religion

Religion plays a significant role in the life of many people and that is why it is important to have a deep research to know its role in marital affairs. Here are a few topics listed here below on the marriage and religion by those who are serving for this purpose for a long time. Write your research paper on marriage and family by doing research on the topics suggested here by the Students Assignment Help.

  1. Is it important for the people of two religions to get married with that ease even in the twenty-first century?
  2. How if a woman after getting married to a person from the different religion is not forced to change her religion from her earlier one?
  3. Is there any legal support to the women who do not want to get their religion converted from what she is practising from the maidenhood?
  4. What could be the future of inter-religion marriages by seeing the one which is happening in modern time?
  5. Things that are necessary to do for finding out the relevant solutions on the problems that arise with marrying in a different religion.

Topics for Research paper on Sister Wives

Recently a new concept of sister Wives is catching every eye which focuses on giving shelter to the wife and a girl with whom the husband is having an extramarital affair. Such types of practices are considered as legal already in many countries of the world by open-minded and some of them are still giving their thoughts on it.

The topics given here are relevant to those who are doing their research on family and marriage structure in modern time. You can write your research paper in MLA and APA format easily by picking up a topic on the sister wives from the list of them given here.

  1. How sister wives concept in family structure is giving a push to the polygamy these days?
  2. What could be the consequences and upheavals that are backed by the concept of sister wives under the same roof?
  3. Is the concept of sister wives is new or we can trace its roots to the ancient or medieval era as well?
  4. What are the various provisions that are set in regards to the sister wives which is becoming legal in many countries with the rapid pace?
  5. Chances of instability in the family structure with the practice of sister wives in a country where polygamy is a crime?

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