List of Great Media Research Paper Topics on Social Media & Mass Media For University Students

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Go through the free list of research topics on media given here if you do not want to write your paper on repeated topics. You might have experienced a poor score in your research paper when writing on old and outdated topics.

That is why these fresh media research topics are suggested by the Students Assignment Help after rigorous research. When you have such innovative media research paper topics definitely you will be able to frame a good research paper thesis statement as well.

29 Unique and fresh research paper topics on Media for College Students

Read these fresh mass media research topics for writing your media research paper and proceed further towards the research paper outline and introduction. Here are good media topics to write about

  1. Why a journalist is supposed to be well versed in all types of topics related to national and international news?
  2. How the role of communication is seen in the media for the current scenario?
  3. Can we say that present-day media is much more inclined towards the glamour world rather than providing authentic news to people?
  4. What are the major problems that a journalist experience while discharging his duties with utmost honesty?
  5. Control of influential people on the free working of media especially political parties.
  6. How media is responsible for the stereotypical representation of women by considering them as a materialistic object?
  7. What role media is playing  in managing the covid -19 outbreak.
  8. What Covid 19 reveals about the value of media at global level.
  9. COVID-19: The media in the time of the coronavirus

  10. COVID19: Social media both a blessing and a curse during coronavirus pandemic
  1. Role of different social networking sites to spread the news among people and how they are taking up the job of news anchors?
  2. How terrorist groups in different countries are affecting the freedom of media on gunpoint?
  3. Authenticity of the news that we have from different news channels.
  4. How media is serving a big role between common masses and high profile authorities of a country?
  5. Effect of development in science and technology on journalism and media.
  6. How media person depicts the different classes and groups that exist in a given society?
  7. In which way social taboos are represented by the media in their daily news sections?
  8. Role of censor boards of various countries in controlling media from saying something that can bring social upheavals.
  9. What is the limit of freedom that is given to media person can we assume it to the range of infinity?
  10. Why good advertisements that aware people about the important reformations in their life are advertised through media?
  11. Role of public relations officers in actual and how they are far away from this ground reality?
  12. How the media has grown over a period of time and what were the major causes behind it?
  1. Is it the social responsibility of media and journalism to maintain social peace in a given country on the grounds of religion?
  2. Challenges that are experienced by the journalist in different topographical situations.
  3. How the freedom of media is sometimes is-utilized to blackmail the high profile personalities?
  4. Change in the different mediums through which the journalist reaches out to people in the present scenario?
  5. How the electronic media is taking a good leap over the print media and what could be its consequences in the future?
  6. Can we say that debates organized on news channels are good for preparing an understanding of the topics?
  1. How to bring the marginal sections of society in the mainstream with the help of media?
  2. Best way to improve the plight of women to see them as human and not object through social media?
  3. How the media platforms are continuously rising and how we should see it?
  4. What are the roles and duties of a good quality journalist or media person?
  5. Can we say that the age of social networking sites is making every third person a journalist?

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