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Students pursuing their courses in sociology have to write a research paper on regular intervals. The latest sociological research paper topics list given here by the Students Assignment Help can be explored by graduates to find a topic for their research paper assignments. The entire list is full of relevant ideas and covers topics from the arena of sociology like poverty research paper topics on and racism as well. At the same time, graduates and master students can also find a separate list of research paper topics on social healthcare and gender equality as well.

Sociological research question idea

Research paper topics on Racism in Society

  1. How racism can affect the growth of economy in a given country?
  2. How to erase the problem of racism with the help of legal system and rules?
  3. From where we can trace the origin of racism in society and why it came into existence?
  4. How slavery and racism can be seen on the parallel grounds as if one is responsible for other?
  5. Why we are not able to extinct racism from the mind of people even in modern time when slavery is vanished long way back?
  6. Psychological effect of racial discrimination on the person and rules framed by international conventions of human rights on it.

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Topics for research on Gender Equality in society

  1. Why after a century long movement for women rights we are still fighting against domestic violence?
  2. Why society is not ready to accept the matriarchy and obsessed with patriarchal rules only.
  3. Why women are responsible for their own subjugation as they do not want to come out of the cocoon to explore their world and want to remain secondary to men.
  4. How women are made to accept patriarchy by preaching about God and religion?
  5. Marriage and romantic affairs are the biggest injustice that women are facing as they are being forced emotionally to remain in captivity by these factors.
  6. The biggest cause in the difference of gender roles is caused by the reproductive system of women which is different to men.

Free and unique research topics ideas on Social healthcare

  1. Why social hygiene is very important like that of personal hygiene to eradicate the diseases from a given society?
  2. What could be done by the people of society to keep them away from diseases by taking crucial steps towards healthcare?
  3. What is the importance of good psychology in making people of society free from the addiction of drugs which are very harmful for health?
  4. How the people of a society are responsible for the good development of a child psychology towards healthy lifestyle along with the parents?
  5. How a society can become a role model in making the given country diseases free by helping poor people to get best health treatment?

Latest research paper topics on poverty in society

  1. What are the steps that should be taken to reduce the poverty in a given social set by the people of a society?
  2. How employment generation can be made successful by the people of a given area by starting with the resources they have to extinguish poverty?
  3. What could be the negative impacts of poverty for a social set up and how to minimize them?
  4. Can we relate the poverty to poor management and distribution of the economic resources?
  5. Should we adopt Marxist approach and philosophy to vanish the poverty from the society?

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