List of Architectural Thesis Topics on Social Issues For Architecture Students

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The role of architecture is not just confined to plan a structure of the building, with the changing time they are supposed to impart their role very meticulously. Present days situation require this architecture to write their thesis by doing research for which they can take Thesis Assignments Help.

For example, architecture is supposed to study different aspects of a building before preparing a map for it. In order to study these aspects, they have to undergo rigorous research on the positive and negative results of their master plan for a structure. Here are some mainstream areas in which these students can write their thesis or dissertation.

This is the most lucrative area for the students to write their thesis, dissertation or essays on architecture course. Below are the topics that are suggested to the students as Dissertation Assignment Help by professional writers. Students can refer to these topics for writing their thesis to get good marks.

  1. Things to keep in mind while developing government buildings in rural areas
  2. How the planning of infrastructure differs from rural to urban land.
  3. What should be the area of focus while preparing a project map for public infrastructure?
  4. Difference between building public infrastructure to that of private
  5. What kind of research is required before working on the development of infrastructure in government land
  6. Role of architecture to meet the needs of proper facilities for people in government buildings.
  7. Why it is necessary to research on the land before preparing an infrastructure project on it.
  8. Is it possible to plan a map for the urban infrastructure without prior research on it?
  9. How to collect authentic data for research on the given land before initiating the step of drawing map.
  10. Type of Buildings to be built for government offices.

Creative Architecture Thesis Topics that is Derived from the Mainstream of Building Residential Areas

It is a big responsibility for the architecture students to give some output to society through their thesis. So they have to be very particular about this feature while writing a thesis on any of the following mentioned topics.

  1. How to design a master plan for residential infrastructure in urban areas
  2. Ideas to Use small land for the development of residents for more number of people.
  3. How to make a residential building earthquake-resistant in hilly areas.
  4. Types of Research in hills and plain areas before infrastructure development.
  5. Upon which data architecture can trust blindly for making a decision, whether to build a building on the land or not.
  6. Problems that can arise in a hill land, if a residential building is planned without a soil test.
  7. Is it possible to develop an infrastructure which could be resistant to all-natural disasters?
  8. Why people need the help of architecture before building their home
  9. Can we make an avalanche resistant home in places where snowfall occurs every year?

Topic from the Field of Research in Architecture for Special Study

There has been massive research with a high pace in the arena of architecture due to the increasing rate of natural disasters. A scientist is burning the midnight oil to find ideas for building disaster-resistant buildings. Write your thesis on any of the following topic which is up to date.

  1. The difficulty for architecture to design a residential infrastructure in earthquake-prone areas.
  2. How to use the latest technology for developing an infrastructure which is disaster-resistant.
  3. Ideas to build a house in areas which are most affected by heavy rainfall throughout the year.
  4. Importance of studying the topography of a place before building infrastructure on it.
  5. Difference between a building designed by the architecture and a normal man.
  6. Is it possible to develop a master plan for infrastructure building without taking the help of architecture?
  7. What is the latest area of interest for the top researcher in the arena of architecture?
  8. What is the new thinking of developing infrastructure by eco-friendly material?
  9. How to build a house to draw maximum sunlight towards it.

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