List of Thesis Topics in Social Work For PhD And Master's Students

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The arena of social work is emerging out as independent discipline and many students are pursuing various courses in social work. As a result of which they have to write several theses, projects and presentation topics on social work assigned by professors throughout the course.

College students who are unable to manage good topics for these assignments on social work can have a look at the list of hot thesis topics on social work for college suggested below. All the topics are innovative and relevant to write a college thesis, research papers and even you can use them as presentation topics on social work.

The list includes topics from the areas of social work like clinical social welfare, child welfare and public health etc.  If you are writing a capstone project for the first time on social work then it is also possible to select a topic for capstone project on social work from the given list of topics.

 New and interesting thesis topics on Clinical social welfare

  1. What qualities are required to be possessed by a social worker giving social service for the welfare of masses?
  2. How a good clinical social worker always strives towards the best community development of the given area?
  3. Can we say that only people having degrees in social work are an efficient social worker?
  4. The role of psychological counselling in clinical social welfare.
  5. How the ground realities that are faced by a social worker are different from that of the theoretical knowledge he possesses in a course of social work?
  6. Why there is a strong need for social workers in society in spite of strong laws and ordinances made by the government for the welfare of society?
  7. Can a person embark on his own non- governmental organization on a personal level after getting a degree in clinical social welfare?
  8. Can we say that local social workers prove out to be better than people from other areas in clinical social welfare to understand the psychology of the people?

 Free topics on social work presentation in child welfare

  1. Why it is important to aware the people about various child welfare schemes?
  2. Role of social workers in the implementation of several government schemes that are run for the well-being of children.
  3. Is it important for a social worker to have a degree in social work for serving in the field of child welfare?
  4. How non- governmental organizations are working towards the proper development of people with special needs?
  5. How social workers are playing a big role in the successful implementation of child adoption rules for the benefits of orphanage children?
  6. The difference in the child welfare initiatives taken by the developed nations and developing countries.

 Capstone project topics ideas for college on Public health welfare

  1. Role of social workers in making awareness about the benefits of personal hygiene.
  2. How to take control of the open defecation in order to inculcate good health and hygiene-related etiquettes in people?
  3. What are the most crucial elements that should be given attention while maintaining good public health?
  4. Major obstructions that are confronted by the social workers while maintaining good public health.
  5. Role of nursing ethics in poor countries for making people aware of common causes of lifestyle diseases and tips for their prevention.
  6. Can we put a stop on the various diseases caused by the contamination of water by spreading awareness about the importance of pure boiled water?

Simple and innovative social work debate topics ideas on women welfare

  1. How important it is to retain the confidentiality of the case while serving the field of women welfare?
  2. Do women really need any support for their welfare in society and at the workplace?
  3. What is the plight of women in developing and developed nations and the kind of welfare required by them in two different states?
  4. How international conventions on women justice and rights are working towards the welfare of women?
  5. Giving opportunities to women for developing skills that leads to their financial independence is the best option for their social welfare.
  6. What are the different areas of women welfare in which no initiative is taken so far by the social workers and government as well?
  7. Role of nationalised non -governmental organizations in the welfare of women for education at a higher level.

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Thesis topics for College students on child labour

  1. How to stop child labour in areas where people are facing a tough scenario of unemployment?
  2. Can we say that child labour is limited to the poor countries only and people in developed nations are free of this issue?
  3. The role of uneven distribution of economic resources of the country in backing the state of child labour.
  4. What could be done by an individual to stop child labour without the assistance of government?
  5. Is free education and uniform distribution in school is sufficient to tackle the tough issue of child labour in poor areas?
  6. Why various workshops, programmes, government rules are getting failed that are framed to restrict child labour in various places?

 Hot Thesis topics on social work for capstone project

  1. Why women in poor countries are still confronting domestic violence in spite of so many non- governmental organizations for women welfare working there?
  2. How children with special needs are facing troubles from inclusive education and what welfare schemes could be initiated for them?
  3. Role of social workers in helping the poor people to avail their rights to education and financial resources that they deserve rightfully.
  4. How social media and internet is working as a hot cake to spread several welfare schemes amongst the people for whom they are launched by the government?
  5. What are the different theories of social work and how they can be interconnected to each other for different areas of social work?
  6. How the code of ethics is crucial in social work for the people?

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