List of Excellent English Literature Thesis Topics For College Students

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Unique thesis topics on English literature are given here by the Students Assignment Help professionals. Those who are finding trending and simple thesis topics for college thesis can go through the college thesis topic listed here. The primary task for writing a thesis is not to frame its outline and write a hook but to find a topic of high relevance.

That is the reason why expert thesis writers have suggested this list of thesis topics for free of cost to needy college students of English literature. You can pick any topic as per your interest to write a college thesis outline easily.

Simple thesis topics for college on Renaissance literature

  1. How the evolvement of a different culture can be seen in renaissance literature?
  2. What are the major themes of renaissance literature that can be seen in plays and poetry?
  3. The prose was not a major form of writing in the renaissance period as poetry was the main form which was adopted by the writers.
  4. Why the Renaissance period bring so much bloom in the literature and who patronize it?
  5. Why Queen Elizabeth plays a significant role in preserving literature and art in her reign?

Topics for college thesis on Neo-classicism

  1. Which are the major epithets that are given to the neoclassical period of literature by different writers and scholars?
  2. How empiricism and reason are two important terms that are associated with neoclassical age?
  3. Effect of science and technology development on the literature and literary approach of the people.
  4. Types of writing form that were adopted at the time of the classical period and why?
  5. How mock epics depict the poor lifestyles of upper-class women in neo-classical age?

Best thesis topics ideas on Victorian literature

  1. What can be said about the coming of prose language as major form of writing which used to be considered inferior prior to it?
  2. Which are the main characteristics of European and American Victorian literature?
  3. How the plight of women is drawn by the literature in America and England?
  4. The emergence of the middle class in the Victorian period and its effect on literature?
  5. Which literature period is known as the second renaissance of literature?
  6. Major transitional texts which talk about the time between classicism and romanticism.

Topics for the thesis of college on modernism literature

  1. What is modern literature and how it is seen in fragments and not a whole?
  2. Why modern literature is considered as absurd and full of anarchy?
  3. Representation of post war life of people with the help of modern texts like Sound and fury.
  4. Which are the major texts of modern literature that depicts the contemporary scenario in the best way?
  5. Which are the main ideas that modern texts reveal through the depiction of literary characters

Thesis topics on romanticism and English literature

  1. Reason for love towards nature and its glimpses in the romantic period of English literature.
  2. How the reason and wit are completely ignored by the romanticism writers by giving preference to nature?
  3. Major texts of the romantic period of literature that gives hints about how people were disgusted with classical rules and regulations.
  4. Importance of empirical knowledge in the romantic period of English literature.
  5. How the scenario changes so abruptly from the classical rules towards romantic age in literature?

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