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Advantages of Technology in Education

Student's Assignment Help 04/24/2019 355 Views

What are the Uses and Advantages of Technology in Education?

Technology has made the world an easier place to live. With each passing time, technology is being very advanced and it is widely used in all perspective of life. There is no denying the fact that technology is important in our lives. There is wide use of technology in varied fields of Science, Agriculture, Industry, Pharmaceuticals and Education. When we talk of incorporation of technology in the field of education, then it seems that teaching and learning is being made easier and effective. Moreover, in the recent times, peoples have also realized the importance of online education system for better learning and training in academics.  It is not like that, technology is always having its bad side of the story. There is also the other side of story, and if you realize that, you will know that there are so many advantages of having technology in the field of Education. Now teachers, students and even the parents have realized the importance and advantages of technology in Education.

Technology in Education

Advanced technology is used in classroom in most of the educational institutes. Most of the teachers teach and train the students using the most advanced tool of technology in form of computers, smart phones and its education based mobile applications. All these are possible only through the growing and expanding internet connectivity. There are other ways to impart education technologically rather than the traditional method. At StudentsAssignmentHelp.Com, you can check various essay topics on education written by academic experts regarding the concept of advantages of technology in education. So, finally it is the internet which is regarded to be an important part and contributor in today’s education system.

Moreover, it is also important to note that too much use of technology can hamper students’ growth and their learning ability. So, it is important to use technology in education smartly. Moreover, you cannot always just depend upon technology to teach or learn.

Advantages of Technology in Education

Technology is proved to be beneficial in some aspects of academic life. There are some of the advantages of technology in education which you must know. These are discussed as follows:


1. Encourage students to learn independently

One of the most important parts of technology- “Internet” is meant to be known as the world of information and facts. You can learn anything from the Internet. You can find study materials about all your subjects from the Internet. Though, Internet is not sometimes presented as the reliable source of information and facts, but still it is regarded as the best educational supply of information for the students. Moreover, the advantage of using Internet is that it allows students to study online without any help from teachers and parents. Students normally desire to use Internet to look for information because all the content of information and facts are always updated with passage of time. But the traditional books and class notes are not updated as per the current information and other regular updates. Moreover, sometimes internet provides those information and knowledge which not readily available in books.

 2. Technology prepares students in advance

The way technology is fast developing, it is sure that in the future education will be imparted only through digital tools which may have advanced technology. If the student uses technology in their studies, then it will make them accustomed to use the advanced technology in education in future. Moreover, it will be helpful and beneficial in their career with wide job prospects in the future. Using technology since at a younger age will allow them to have knowledge and advanced skills to use inventive devices and other advanced processes of technology.

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3. Technology can save money spent on books and tuition fees

When there are wide online resources to gain education at a cheap and cost-effective price, then the cost of school and college books will certainly tend to decrease. Moreover, it may also happen that there will be no need to buy books any longer and you can easily get the notes and study materials online with easy downloads. Moreover, if all the notes are available digitally, then there is no requirement of books. Furthermore, trees will also be saved from cutting because trees are being cut down for paper production.

Online education is cheaper than the usual classroom teaching. So, online education can save your money spent on service bills, transportation, etc.

4. Technology as an electrifying method of learning and teaching

Earlier, education was imparted traditionally by means of books, blackboards and chalks. But now due to the use of technology in education, teachers can explain the facts and information of a particular subject though feature images and pictures, online interactive video and other graphics. Moreover, there are various education websites, mobile applications, smart classes and online learning programs etc which is also helpful in imparting education to the students. This method enabled by the teachers has proven to be very effective and students are now able to learn the subject easily. Moreover, students are also taking special interest in learning the subject through digital means. This creates an exhilarating learning environment for the students and also promotes student’s deep interest in education.

5. Technology develops new and advanced teaching methods

Earlier students used to study their class notes and used to listen to the class lectures. But now, they can gather more knowledge through advanced methods like the online teaching videos, blogs, podcasts, etc. Moreover, they can also study with a particular group of students and online tutors via online conference and online study service. Now, technology is widely accepted education method and tool which is appreciated and patronized by many teachers to educate students. All types of students from all over the world can study.

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Thus, incorporation of technology has many advantages in the field of education. Though it also has many negative aspects, but it is only up to you to use technology in education in a proper manner. So, you must have an organized plan to use technology in education.

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