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How To Write A Letter Of Recommendation


What is a recommendation letter or letter of recommendation? A letter of recommendation is a letter written by someone to recommend or suggest someone for a job title or post in the organization he or she working or related in some way. This type of letter is written by either of the following:Teacher ..Continue

How To Write A Letter Of Application:


Are you among the one who wishes to write a letter to apply for a job application?  I think everyone wants this. Even if there is the case when the employers don’t ask for a job application letter, still if you write it will help you to show your skills and achievements and make the hiring manager pay attention to your profile. Here we will tota ..Continue

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Structure of Essay


The structure of an essay is prepared on the basis of essay type that is given for writing. There are so many types of essays and we can only give them proper structure based on their types. For example, the structure of short essay differs from that of a long essay. At the same time format of the essay like APA or MLA format is also considered whi ..Continue

How To Write An Outline


Before starting the outlined task, the school or college students have first to decide the active topic on which they are going to prepare their paper. After the students are done with the researched subject, then they can continue with the outlining procedure. In creating a paper outline, the college students can use a cause and effect model or a ..Continue

Get your custom-written Dissertation/Essay/Thesis
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What Is A Thesis Statement


Almost every top college and university requires persuasion in the work that they assign to their students. Persuasion means convincing your readers with your logical and exciting point of perspective on ..Continue

Types Of Report


What is the report? Before understanding types of reports, first, let’s see what does a report mean and what it’s the purpose? Report writing is a special form of assignment writing in which aims at determining and pr ..Continue