Communication With Dissertation Supervisor

Methods of Communicating effectively with Dissertation Supervisor
An effective communication method is those techniques by using which you can interact with your Ph.D. supervisor. Graduate students before having a meeting with a potential graduate advisor have a qu

How to Choose Dissertation Supervisor

Methods of Communicating effectively with Dissertation Supervisor
Choosing a Thesis or Dissertation Supervisor is quite a difficult task.  Students planning to pursue a Ph.D. Often face difficulty in identifying and choosing a doctoral dissertation supervisor.  In

First meeting with Dissertation Supervisor – Prepare for supervision meetings

First meeting with Dissertation Supervisor
First meeting with dissertation supervisor can be an opportunity for you to gain knowledge and learn new things related to writing a dissertation. You may feel  nervous at the time of the first Ph.D

Dissertation Printing and Binding – Types, printing option and other Tips

Dissertation Printing and Binding
Overview of the dissertation printing and binding After the successful completion of the dissertation, checking, etc. after that last phase is to get your dissertation printing and binding. Before ge

Dissertation Appendix – Meaning, Basic Rules and Format,Objectives, Importance

Dissertation Appendix – Meaning, Objectives, Importance, Basic Rules and Format
What is an appendix page? Appendix is basically the last page of a dissertation which consists of detail information about the topic of the dissertation. It is the section in a dissertation that main

Dissertation Conclusion – Meaning, Importance, Purpose and Tips

Dissertation Conclusion
In this article, our expert team is providing you with a complete guidelines on How to write an excellent thesis conclusion? By reading this article,  you will be able to write an excellent thesis co

Sample Theoretical Framework in Dissertation and Thesis – Overview and Example

Sample Theoretical Framework in Dissertation and Thesis
Overview of theoretical framework in the dissertation The theoretical framework is one of the crucial aspects of the dissertation. An effective Sample Theoretical Framework of a Dissertation or Thes

Theoretical framework for Dissertation

Theoretical Framework in Dissertation
In the theoretical framework, you explain the theory in such a way that it supports your research showing the work is grounded in established ideas.(more…)

Writing introduction overview of a dissertation

Writing Overview for Dissertation
The overview of an introduction section in a dissertation is considered to be very brief and explanatory simultaneously. Students often end up writing the same kind of phrases and sentences with the s

Conceptual Framework: Moderator Variables

Moderator Variable in Dissertation

Conceptual framework: Mediator variable

Mediators in Research
A mediator variable acts as an mediator between the dependent and the independent variable. It is an important part of the cause and effect relationship. It makes easier for the reader to have an bett

Control Variables in Research – Meaning and Importance

Control Variables in Research
Control Variable: Simple Definition A control variables is a variable which along with the independent variable alters the effect on the dependent variable. It is a term which researcher basically u

Shorten your dissertation abstract

Shortening of Abstract in Dissertation
Short abstracts are often more impactful and engaging. Below are some tips to write a short and effective abstract. (more…)

List of abbreviations in the dissertation

Lists of Abbreviation

Writing a Dissertation Acknowledgement

Dissertation Acknowledgement Writing Tips
What is dissertation acknowledgement, how to write dissertation acknowledgement, where does dissertation acknowledgement appear ? We know there are various questions popping out in your head, but don'

How to Write the Findings of a Dissertation

How to Write the Findings of a Dissertation
There are different sections in a dissertation like findings and discussion chapter dissertation, literary review section, etc. It is important to understand the specification behind writing every par
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