How to Embed a Quote in an Essay – Guided Tips with Examples

Quoting in an Essay
In this article, we have defined the Best way to write a quote and the significance of Quotation. The detail about the techniques of putting and shorting Quote in an Essay has been provided along with

Essay Revision Process – Meaning, Importance, Procedure and Tips

Essay Revision Process
Meaning of Revision Revision of what you have written in your essay is very much important as it helps you in addressing and rectifying your mistakes. It is basically a kind of proofreading. Essay Re

Global Concerns in Essay Revision Process

Global Concerns in Essay Revision Process
Essay Revision Process: Global Concerns Writing a perfect essay on a specific topic is considered to be one of the most difficult tasks. If in case you have to rewrite an essay that means you have w

How to Fix Broken Essay Arguments

how to Manage Broken Essay arguments
Due to a lack of understanding about writing essay students makes lots of mistakes. Students also resist starting an essay from scratch. Considering the issue faces by a student we have highlighted a

Thesis Statement for Essay – Meaning, Purpose, Importance, Characteristics, Function, and Tips

Thesis Statement for Essay
Thesis statement is very much an important part of an essay. Before writing an essay you should develop the understanding of meaning, purpose, importance, characteristics of a good thesis statement. W

Basic Structures for Academic Essays – Different Types

Basic Structures for Academic Essays
Different Types of Academic Essay Structure Different types of academic essay structure are: Compare and contrast: It is considered to be one of the most difficult or complex academic essay structur

Writing Main Body of Essay

Tips for Writing Main Body of Essay
Things to be Included in the Main Body of the Essay The things which you are required to include in the main body paragraph of essay are:Include your main idea: In the main body paragrap

Organizing An Essay

Tips for Organizing Essay
 Organizing an essay : Meaning  Organisation of an essay means arranging all the paragraph of an essay in systematic and logical manner. The structure of an essay is completely based on the type of

Essay Idea’s Generation – Method and Tips

Generation of Idea
What do you mean by Generating Ideas for Essay Writing Essay Idea generation can be defined as a procedure that includes creation, development, and communication of ideas about the topic on which ess

Essay Length

Length of Essay
Guidelines on Length of an Essay What should be the ideal length of the essay, that is the first question that comes in elementary and college students mind while start writing an academic essay. Act

TEEL Essay Paragraph Structure – Writing Tips & Guidelines

Teel Essay Paragraph Structure
TEEL essay paragraph Structure is a best technique for structuring a paragraphs of an essay in systematic manner.  You may be hearing about such type of  essay structure for first time. Students fin

How To Write An Essay In One Hour

How To Write An Essay In One Hour
If you are preparing for competitive exams like SATs, then you need to prepare yourself for writing a solid essay within 1 hour. In case you are trying to improve writing speed for completing essays e

Structure of an Essay

The Essay Structure is very confusing. Every student is assigned to write an essay by his professor with an instruction that the essay must be properly structured. After getting this instruction most

How to Write UChicago Essay Prompt

Every student is supposed to write an essay prompt for taking admission to the University of Chicago which is a dream of millions. But writing the best quality AP essay prompt is not easy for the stud

Different Types of Essays

Types of Essay And Basic Introduction-min
Writing an essay on various topics is generally fun for students. It is a practice adopted by the professors to test their students writing skills and judge their knowledge about the topic.  There ar

Structured & Formatted College Essay Writing Tips by Expert Writers

How to write a College Application Essay
At the time of admission in College and University students have to write an application essay which is the basic pillar for admission in the College or University. Writing an application essay got no

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