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How to Write Annotated Bibliography

Student's Assignment Help 06/19/2019 344 Views

An annotated bibliography is written at the end of the essays, research papers and thesis etc. in academic writing. The students of college and university are supposed to write such bibliography in their college essays and term papers. So it is very important to go through the basics for writing a good annotated bibliography to avoid any mistake.

Students can take tips for writing an annotated bibliography from the experienced essay and research paper writers as well. Students Assignment Help professionals have suggested the best ideas for writing an annotated bibliography here to the graduates and masters as well. Just read these tips and write your annotated bibliography in the best way.

Definition of annotated bibliography

As the name speaks for itself annotated bibliography helps the readers to understand the relevance and implication of the resource in a given text. Some people use unnecessary resources by giving invalid references in the essay in the form of quotations. Such things can be checked from the annotated bibliography by the reader if he does not find any valid substantiation of the resource in the essay. At the same time, those who have no idea about the resource can understand it without wandering here and there and searching for the source. Thus annotated bibliography raises the relevance of academic writing work many folds.

Step by step guide for writing annotated bibliography for academic assignments

It is very important to write the annotated bibliography in a very sophisticated manner and that is why students must get some professional tips. Here is a step by step guide that will help you to write a good quality annotated bibliography for your college as well as university assignments.

  1. Make a list of resources that are used for research in essay or paper
  2. First and foremost step that graduates are supposed to take while writing their annotated bibliography is to jot down the resources used in the reference purpose in essay or paper.
  3. The following step will decide the relevance of these resources that whether they are relevant to the given topic of assignment or not.
  4. Omit those references from the essay and this list of resources which are stuffed without any importance.
  5. Now understand the basic format of writing essay or research paper citation- There are so many types of format in which bibliography of any essay can be written by the students. As a result of which it becomes an essential part of the annotated bibliography for graduates to understand the minute differences between these formats of writing a bibliography. MLA and APA formats are two major formats of writing academic annotated bibliography and graduates must be sure about the difference between two. You must be known about how to write the name of the book, publisher, date of publication and author in your bibliography.
  6. Cite these resources by and by in a sequence- Now when you have a complete idea about how to write the bibliography of an essay, thesis or research paper just cite the reference by and by in a sequence. You are not supposed to skip any of the resources that are used in your academic work for reference or research purpose. That is how you will be able to prepare the best citation of the academic writing assigned to you in the form of college assignments.
  7. Do not forget to mention a description of near 150 words for each resource used- It is very important to give the description of every resource that is given in the bibliography to show the implication and use of reference with respect to the essay or paper. The description should not be beyond 150 words and also remember not to beat around the bushes. Just write the fast and forward point to help the readers understand your resource like not each one of them is aware about your resources. The entire purpose of the annotated bibliography lies in this description which enable the readers to access the meaning of your essay in real sense.
  1. Avoid writing things in the bibliography for which you are not sure- Sometimes in order to fill the count of word in annotated bibliography description for the resource people end up writing wrong things. This will be counted as blunder on your part so you can write less but do not write the wrong things to destroy the impression of your bibliography on your readers. It will ruin your entire hard work given for writing the essay after research.
  1. Do not skip any resource that is used for the reference in essay- Sometimes in order to escape from the lengthy list of resources and their citation many people try to evade from citing all the references in the citation or bibliography. As a result of which their work gets counted in plagiarism most of the times. If you want to keep yourself away from such sort of troubles just try to refer each and every resource that is given in the research paper or any other type of college assignments your are writing.
  1. Never submit your essay with annotated bibliography without editing- The final step is to submit the essay or any other assignment once your finish with your annotated bibliography. But make this very sure that you are editing your mistakes before submitting your college assignments to your professors. You can avail academic writing services for this task as well. As Students Assignment Help experts is having experienced and eminent essay, research papers and thesis editors. Long ten years of experience in the same field of editing and writing college assignments makes them best editor and assignments helpers for the students at very genuine price.

Example annotate bibliography-1

Conrad, Joseph. The Heart of Darkness. United Kingdom: Blackwood’s Magazine, 1902. Print.

This novel is written on the plight of slaves that used to be exported from South Africa to different countries. The novel is sufficient to give us a glimpse of the hegemony and brutality of the British officers on the slaves. Also, we can see how these slaves live a miserable life in different parts of the world and not treated like that of humans. The novel serves as strong evidence for the essay to show the ground situation of slaves in South Africa during slavery. Also, we can see how slaves were tortured on mental, physical and emotional grounds by the colonial rulers at that time. With the help of this novel, readers can understand the concerns of the slaves in-depth in the given essay.

Example annotate bibliography-2

Austen, Jane. The Pride and Prejudice. United Kingdom: T.Egerton, Whitehall, 1813. Print. 

Jane Austen’s novel pride and prejudice give us enough evidences about the marriage affairs in Victorian era. The rich businessmen were involved in trivial things and all their life surrounds finding a relevant match for them in the form of wife. At the same time Austen depicts in her novel that how women used to prepare them for the rich men to be liked and get married to these rich people. Even parents also orient the education of women towards targeting a rich person for getting married. So the text gives us best evidence to see the plight of women in Victorian era and how it still continuous in some developing nations. We can prove the given essay based on this text that women’s education is never career-oriented as they have to focus on their education with marriage perspective only.

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