Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

08/26/2021 | 1786

Medical students have to write college speeches on various topics assigned by the professors often. To write the speech medical graduates are asked to find some relevant topics for a medical persuasive speech by them. But the students can’t find the interesting and latest topics on health to write their medical science speech.

That is why Students Assignment Help professionals have suggested free ideas here as medical persuasive speech topics on nursing, psychology, and other health-related areas. Follow the given list and write your persuasive speech for college on time. All the nursing persuasive speech topics are simple and interesting as well and thus students can easily write their speech on them.

Persuasive speech topics for medical students on Nursing

  1. Nurses should play their role in the social responsibility to make a society free from diseases.
  2. It is possible to preserve the nursing rights of senior doctors by abolishing nursing ethics from the profession.
  3. Nursing ethics is more or less working like an injustice for the nurses of various hospitals.
  4. The maximum working hours should be defined for a nurse by the government in the given hospital to retain her human rights.
  5. Most of the nurses are subjected to a suspended monopoly to experiment with their experience in patients.
  6. Nurses are always considered inferior by the doctors and they keep on exploiting them on professional lines.
  7. The management of the hospital does not hire an optimum number of nurses which becomes the reason behind back to back duty of existing nurse staff.
  8. Law should provide free will to a nurse in the hospital as long as she is not harming the patient.

Best topics for persuasive  medical speech topics for college on clinical psychology

  1. Do clinical psychologies have a great impact on treating the patient suffering from the dyslexia problem?
  2. The revival of the patient going through depression can be possible through clinical psychology very easily.
  3. It is not possible to treat a person with anxiety and different kind of phobia only by giving the medicine as counseling on psychological grounds is also required.
  4. Clinical psychology is capable of treating a patient going through excessive alcoholism.
  5. Autism and asparagus syndrome can be treated to a great extent with the help of clinical psychology.
  6. Doctors can’t treat a person going through poor cognitive development with the same effect that psychological counseling can do.
  7. Half of the psychological problems can be treated more by clinical psychology than allopathy and another orthodox way of treating psychological diseases.
  8. Can COVID-19 Induce Psychosis?

Free persuasive  Medical speech topics ideas on cancer for medical students

Here are few interesting  persuasive speech topics

  1. The numbers of deaths are increasing that are caused by cancer diseases nowadays?
  2. A Cancer disease has not had its independent symptoms but it shows its symptoms through various other sorts of diseases.
  3. It is almost impossible to detect early blood cancer for doctors as there is a rise in red blood cells in the early stage of cancer which can also increase naturally.
  4. Bone marrow transplantation does not help out the patients who are suffering from blood cancer.
  5. The number of counts for red blood cells automatically rises in the highest peaks of mountains and it should not be confused with cancer.
  6. Most cancer gets detected in the last stage when a patent is about to die due to the diseases except for few cases.

Unique topics for persuasive speech on Cardiology for college students

  1. Only bad cholesterol is bad for the heart and human body and not the good one.
  2. Trans fats should be avoided to keep your heart healthy forever which are found in packet food.
  3. The high level of sugar in the blood causes indirect injuries to the heart and blood vessels as well.
  4. The poor level of red blood cells in human blood gives rise to fainting and early fatigue.
  5. There should be a balanced diet for a healthy heart that includes carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in an optimum ratio.
  6. Stress and anxiety are the biggest enemies of the heart which should be avoided with the greatest efforts.

Topics for persuasive speech on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

  1. Do some people go through attention deficit hyperactivity disorder from their childhood?
  2. The children with ADHD disorder find it difficult to focus on the study as compared to other children.
  3. The good cognitive development of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder children can bring certain changes in their behavior.
  4. The parents of an ADHD child should see a doctor at the very beginning of developmental stages to suppress the heights of hyperactivity.
  5. ADHD people often injure them by jumping from heights, boundaries and do such others which can harm them.
  6. The recognization of the hyperactivity disorder can be done by the parents from the very beginning of the developmental stages.

Best persuasive speech topics on Drug addiction for medical graduates

  1. Drug addiction can be checked in a human being by distracting his mind from the gloomy state of mind through counseling.
  2. The addiction of the human body to chemical drugs sometimes leads to the sudden death of the human as well.
  3. Drug addiction is a habit that is very difficult to get rid of by the people caught in it even through treatment.
  4. A chemical drug when taken in excess controls the mind of the person to make him addicted to it.
  5. It is very difficult or we can say impossible for the rehabilitation centers to treat the person who has crossed the line of addiction to a great extent.

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