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Top 10 Colleges That Students Want To Choose

Student's Assignment Help 08/16/2016 268 Views

The Times Higher Education league table reveals the best universities for students experience in the UK, based on the response of nearly 14,700 graduates across the country.

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The top ten that made the cut!

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Don’t just stop with looking up academic perspectives of the university. Run a rigorous research on what quality framework is necessary for a healthy student life as well as, before clicking the submit button on the application form.

The Telegraph UK’s take on this can help bring a few important factors to light. Their recently published survey revealed a list of ten universities based in the UK that offers the best quality of student life taking into evaluation various other surveys, the cost of living, employment rates, student’s satisfaction and salary on graduation.

The top ten universities in the UK are-

1. University of Oxford-

University of Oxford is the most eminent and renowned university in UK and around the world. The standards of admission in this university is very high and students are offered variety of courses here.

2. University of Cambridge-

University of Cambridge is one of the renowned and oldest universities around the world. Getting admission in this university is very tough and competitive.

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3. Imperial College of London-

Imperial College of London is ranked on the top consistently. This college has produce number of scientists, government financial advisors and businessman that has brought a great innovation in the field of management and business.

4. University College London-

University College London is England’s first university that admitted students irrespective of its religion, caster or creed. This university offers a variety of competitive course of study to students in various fields.

5. London school of economics and political science-

This university holds the highest proportion of International scholars. This university offers a number of postgraduate programs in management, law and economics.

6. University of Edinburgh-

The university was founded in 1583, as the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of Britain’s and Ireland’s seven ancient universities. UOE is an internationally-focused University and greets students from all the corners of the globe.

7. King’s College London-

King’s College London (KCL) is one of the two establishing colleges of the University of London, the associate college of University College London. KCL is presently the largest healthcare learning center in Europe, incorporating three teaching hospitals. KCL is a prominent research university. In 2014 research excellence framework, it was placed 6th nationally in the “power’ ranking, which brings into account the quality and quantity of study analysis activity, and ranks amongst the top institutions in THE World University Rankings.

8. University of Manchester-

The University of Manchester is a Russell Group University. With all its higher education institutions merged, the city of Manchester has the considerable student population in Europe, which offers a lively and greeting atmosphere for its student body, that comes from all over the world.

9. University of Bristol-

University of Bristol offers a wide range of course of study programs to the students from all around the UK and around the world.

10. Durham University-

It is a Russell group organization with a staff count of over 3,000. The university is comprised up of three faculties, i.e., arts and humanities, science and social science, and health. Sport is an essential feature of student life at Durham, where the bulk of students regularly participates in one or more sports.

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