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None of us is unmindful about the word case study. We all have heard the word at one point in time or other in our life. It might be possible that everyone has heard the word in different context. A case study is actually the critical analysis of a person or a group of person, organization or anything under this sun. You must have come across many reality shows of crime investigation, in which an investigating team try to find out the criminal through the case study. It is a sort of research about a specific thing and you have to reach out to the conclusion through research. Though a case study could be done by anyone, these are generally associated with research personnel and college students who are asked to write a case study.

Types of Case Study

Depending upon the method and practice of analysis there are different types of the case study.

  1. Descriptive case study :- This type of case study is helpful when people do not have the idea about the case. Each and every step of the case with generous detail is described in the descriptive case study. In a descriptive case study, you have to be very conscious about defining every minor detail about the case. For example, if you are doing a descriptive case study on “down syndrome" in the field of health you are supposed to describe all related symptoms, cause, diagnoses, your research, all important facts and above all your research on it. It does not end here, after that you have to give a conclusion based on your research that what is the new solution you have come up to deal with the syndrome. Thus a descriptive case study requires you to thoroughly plunge yourself in the case in order to come up with best solutions.
  2. Exploratory case study :- Here only important information's are gathered about a case and then these are used as quantitative data for conducting the research about a topic. As the name speaks for itself to explore, hereby explore means to study the case by including all related information about it, collected from different surveys and questionnaire, Knowing ground realitie.
  3. Critical analysis case study :- In case you are a scholar of a literary field the path is going to be on a tough for you. Here you have to analyze the facts in such a way that a case study proves out to be the best. You have to understand the data, then to analyze these facts to bring conclusion in such a way which are helpful to the society. Remember any work of research should be done in such a way that its ultimate purpose is to benefit the society.
  4. Amount case study It deals with collecting all the facts and figures related to the case and then analyze this quantitative data to give case study solutions or inferences. These inferences are compared to the existing one.

Before writing a case study student must have a case to study. In other words, there is always a topic required to start a case study. So first you have to find a topic of your interest in the discipline you are writing it. Though it is difficult to get a topic you need to think a lot for that. Else you can also take the help from, which provide Case study topics for college students, surf out the best topic from there.

  1. After getting the topic you have to undergo a rigorous research about it.
  2. Collect all the qualitative as well as quantitative data regarding your case.
  3. Compare it with the existing conclusions and determine whether these conclusions are best as per the data analysis.
  4. Find out your own case study solutions about the case.

After having a deep research about the topic, finally, you have to jot down your case in words. But there is always a case study format, to write it in a lucid manner, you cannot go away from this format.

  1. First, introduce your case with previous research on it at a glance, and then about your research.
  2. In the next part, you have to illustrate each and every step of your case study, the whole mechanism which brought you to the conclusion.
  3. In the final give a comparative conclusion and solutions, all cite how they are comparatively good than that of existing solutions about a particular case.

As described earlier as well, the case study is not restricted to a specific discipline. The arena of the case study is very diverse. There could be a Mba case study or Behavioral health case studies. A case study in the discipline of health could be related to studying atypical diseases or syndrome and then find necessary solutions to treat that syndrome. On the other hand, if it is about leadership case studies you can take the example of any leader to analyze the case. Make sure that when I am talking about leader it not necessarily means a political leader. Any person who is a leader in any sphere could be a topic of leadership case study. Likewise, there are many case study examples which differ for every discipline.

A case study could be performed in every dimension of life, students of all courses have to write it. When students fail to find out a genuinely interesting topic for a case study in their arena, they start wandering here and there for help. But those who have bookmark on their desktop do not wander like others. This is a platform which is actively engaged in providing help to the students for finding free case study topics. No matter whether you are looking for case study topics in psychology or law case study topics everything you can get there easily. Here is a list of courses for which provide free case study topics.

  1. Case study topics in psychology
  2. Case study topics for MBA
  3. Case study topics for group discussion
  4. Psychiatric case scenarios for students.

A case study is becoming the star of every eye with the rising scope of research and proving out its benefits in the field of crime investigation branches of different countries. We cannot limit its benefits just to the investigation of criminals, it is equally helpful in another sphere of life, as I said it can be performed about anything under the sun. Here is a list of an arena in which case study is helping like anything.

  1. To find out new techniques in health.
  2. A case study on particular diseases, come up with new solutions to overcome the diseases.
  3. Help to find criminals.
  4. New techniques in business could be achieved by the case study in business people.

There are much more in the line, but hard to enumerate all of them at this stage. Let’s now talk about the disadvantages of the case study as nothing in this world come alone with benefits only.

  1. Sometimes it leads to various controversies among the solution given by two different studies.
  2. As a case study is limited to a particular case be that in health or any other sphere of life, its research is based on the data of that specific case only and cannot be applied in a general context.

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