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Definition of Chemistry

Chemistry is a branch of physical science. It is a complex yet essential subject that builds foundations for many scientists around the world. Chemistry deals with structure, composition, change of matter and properties. It deals with constitutes of a matter like atoms and molecules; their transformations, interactions, and formation of new chemical substances.

Chemistry is divided into the following branches:

1. Organic chemistry- The study of property, structure, and reactions of organic compounds.

2. Inorganic chemistry- The study of inorganic compound and substances.

3. Biochemistry- The study of chemical reactions that are taking place within human beings and other living organisms.

4. Neurochemistry- The study of Neurochemicals of the living body.

5. Nuclear chemistry- The study of sub-atomic particles.

6. Quantum chemistry- The study of the physical basis of the chemical systems using quantum physics.

Basic principles of chemistry

1. Matter- Chemistry is the study of matter. The matter is defined as anything that rests with mass and volume. Matter can be a pure chemical substance or a combination of elements. Any matter that we can touch, feel or taste is made up of atoms.

2. Atom- An atom is a constitutive element of matter. An atom is composed up of a dense core called the nucleus. Atoms are made up of positively charged protons and uncharged neutrons. An electron cloud surrounds it which made up of negatively charged electrons.

3. Chemical element- A chemical element is formed of a particular number of protons and a single type of atom.

4. Chemical compound- A pure chemical substance is composed of than one element is called a chemical compound.

5. Mixture- A collection of substances is referred to as a mixture of air and alloys.

Basic processes of chemistry

1. Chemical bond- Atoms sticking together in molecules and crystals are said to be in a chemical bond. When chemical bond takes place between two different atoms new chemical substances are formed.

2. Energy- It is the attribute of the element due to its atomic, molecular or total structure. At the time of a chemical reaction, the chemical structure changes as it is accompanied by an increase or decrease of energy.

3. Chemical reaction- Due to the interaction of a chemical substance with another substance, a chemical reaction takes place.

4. Acid-base reaction- A substance can be classified as an acid or a base. An acid is a chemical substance which is characterized by its sour taste. While on the other hand, a base is a substance that in an aqueous solution and slippery to the touch. An acid-base reaction is a chemical reaction between an acid and a base.

5. Chemical equilibrium- Chemical equilibrium is the stage in a chemical reaction when both the reactants and the products are present in the concentrated form and does not have the further ability to change with respect to time.

Basic chemical laws which students need

A.) Avogadro’s law
B.) Boyle’s law
C.) Charles law
D.) Henry’s law

Basic list of chemicals used

A.) Alloys
B.) Chemical compounds
C.) Chemical elements

Applications of chemistry in real life

Chemical companies transform raw materials like natural gas, petroleum, metals, and minerals into various industrial products for sale. Some of the significant products we use in everyday life are:

A.) Fertilizers
B.) Polymers
C.) Adhesives and industrial gums
D.) Consumers products like cosmetics, soaps, and detergents.

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