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What Is The ER Diagram?

ER Diagram is better known as Entity- Relationship Diagram. It is the representation of visual data that helps to explain the relationship of data. These diagrams were generally used to develop software in an organization or company in order to plan data management in a DBMS.

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Overview of ER Diagram

Entity: An entity can be anything like an object, person, place, or class. Usually, a rectangle is the denotation of an entity. Entities can be either employees, managers, departments, products, and a marketplace in terms of an organization.

Weak entity: The entity that depends on another entity for its existence is known as a weak entity.

Attribute: The description of an entity is known as an attribute. Elipse is the representation of an attribute.

Key attribute: Among an array of attributes against a particular entity or weak entity, the most important attribute is called a key attribute and it is depicted using an underline in an ellipse.

Composite attribute: An attribute may contain its own attributes. For example, an address may be depended on road number, flat number, state, country, etc. These attributes of an original attribute are called composite attributes. Composite attributes are also depicted using ellipse.

Relationship: It explains the relationship between any two entities. The relationship is depicted using diamonds. There are three types of relationships found between any two entities – Binary relationship, Ternary relationship, and Recursive relationship.

Binary Relation Can Be:

  • One to one
  • One to many
  • Many to many
  • Cardinality
  • These are components of ERD.

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Creating ERD Assignments for Programming Students

Creating a perfect ER Diagram requires full attention, and you must follow these steps to create an ER diagram. These are as follows:

  1. You are first needed to recognize an entity which is then portrayed with the aid of rectangles.
  2. Then you must clearly describe the relationship between any two entities. The appropriate line with geometric symbols and signs is used to define the relationships.
  3. Attributes and key attributes are additionally placed within indirect figures.
  4. Now the ER diagram can be completed with the help of showing the exact relationship within the diamond shapes.

Now, in this modern age technology plays an important role in making ER diagrams.  In this case, computerized tools are used to draw ER diagrams. This method is much flexible in terms of the drawing method with paper and pencil.

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