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Several debates and youth seminars are conducted in colleges and universities at different points of time. Religion and church are a major subject of discourse in such debates in which college students express their perception and understanding of the subject. Sometimes graduates are also asked to write debate essays on church and Christianity by professors as well. List of top debate topics for youth on Church is listed here for such discourse and essay writing for free of cost.

The entire list of topics is relevant to write any kind of debate essay on Church or for preparing a debate on the subject as well. Professionals and experts of the subject have suggested these topics for those who are fed up with finding a new topic for debate on Bible study every time. You can also modify the given topics to use them as Youth seminar debate topics on the Bible and Christianity as per the need.

Debate Topics for Youth on Church

 Best Bible Debate Topics for College Youth

  1. What are the different perceptions about the story of the bible that is Adam and Eve?
  2. Why the fruit of wisdom is considered as cursed fruit for Adam and Eve as it ruined their innocence?
  3. How the American dream is derived from the commandments of the Holy Bible?
  4. How the ten commandments of the Bible lay the foundation of humanity in the world?
  5. What Role Does Religion play in the development of a person with moral values and a good heart?
  6. How the Bible depicts the rights of animals and their importance for the human being in society?
  7. Is Religion capable of settling down various conflicts that arise on international boundaries for money, resources and territorial rights?
  8. Does the Bible support religious tolerance in a given society or not to maintain peace amongst the people of various legions?
  9. Why religion was very important prior to the renaissance period and in the Victorian era and can we have its glimpses from the English literature?
  10. Theatre plays a significant role to help people in understanding the Bible in the renaissance period of English literature.
  11. It is difficult for common people to understand the actual lessons of the Bible and they can only grab its superficial meaning.

Top Church Discourse Topics & Ideas 2020

  1. How the Church came into existence as major machinery to educate the common masses about the preaching of the Bible?
  2. What role did Church play in the early sixteenth century in the appropriation of the Bible to befool the illiterate people for their own purposes?
  3. Gullible people were asked to follow the morality, preaching of bishops in Church on the name of religion by authorities in the early renaissance period.
  4. The coming of the printing press, books and a high number of Bible copies spread a new light in the minds of people about the actual meaning of the Bible and reality of Church.
  5. Religion and Morality both are often used interchangeably by the people but in actual both have a grave difference.
  6. Sometimes Churches are the main causal authorities for spreading religious riots amongst the people of different religions.
  7. Catholic and Anglican churches are laid on the same foundation and they differ from each other on minor points only.
  8. Catholics are considered superior to the Anglicans owing to the tough rules and strict following of Biblical teachings.
  9. It is almost impossible for the Church to disguise people on the name of the Bible as everyone can read and understand the Bible nowadays.

Hot debate topics for youth seminar on Bible

  1. Sometimes religious intolerance leads to the state of anarchy in many societies.
  2. It is a universal rule to follow for the government of every democratic nation to accept the superiority of every religion prevalent in the country.
  3. Religious people can easily be moulded and used by the authorities for their personal reasons on the name of the Bible.
  4. A state must not own its religion and every religion should be equal for a state to maintain harmony and peace amongst the citizens.
  5. The misinterpretation of the Bible sometimes leads to serious arguments between two parties that result in massive bloodshed and massacre.
  6. How the translations of the Bible sometimes change its meaning in the new language due to the cultural differences in two languages?
  7. Why Baptism is considered so crucial for the people having faith in Christianity before entering the gate of Church?
  8. How the meaning of Christianity remains the same in different countries following the given religion.
  9. How the Old Testament of the Bible is different from that of the New Testament and what similarities they share?
  10. Can we say that John Milton’s epic text The Paradise lost symbolize the real story of the Bible?

Interesting biblical debate topics discuss in youth seminar

  1. How Christopher Marlow’s play Dr Faustus is a symbolic representation and commemoration of the Bible and its teachings?
  2. Almost every religion has its same meaning and teaching in a different context and similar is the case of Biblical studies as well.
  3. How the Bible explains the story of Karma through Satan’s story and can we use it as an example of the similarity between different religions of the world?
  4. Innocence is the greatest weapon that can keep us away from the trials and tribulation of worldly things according to the Bible.
  5. The bible is read by the people only from one perspective and it should be understood through the perspective of every character present in the holy book.
  6. There are many renaissances plays like Dr Faustus which explains the results of not following the teachings of the Bible by human beings.
  7. How we can see a big collision between Religion and science with the coming of reason in the new man of renaissance period?
  8. Satan is always considered a villain in the Bible because the book is not written according to the perspective of Satan.
  9. The different chapters of the Bible coordinate with each other without any contradiction between them about the teaching and preaching of the Bible.

Top innovative debate topics on the Bible

  1. The story of the Bible says that innocence can keep you away from all types of sadness and worldly things. Is it applicable to our daily life?
  2. The Christian Gospel symbolizes the importance of living for others, believing in good deeds and bearing the pain for the society.
  3. How Biblical teachings help society remains integrated into each other and suppress the wars and battles.
  4. Christianity does not give a chance to the human being to get out of the punishment for sins committed in the past by lamenting on them.
  5. The commandment of the Bible like one should charity a part of one’s incomes to the needy can be seen in other religious books as well.
  6. To follow the teachings of the Bible does a not mean to put you in pain it just symbolize to help others in every possible way.
  7. Christian machinery and schools are the only places where one can learn the teachings of Jesus Christ in the best way.
  8. Bishops of Churches have a direct relation to God which can send your message to God directly according to Mythologies. Is it true?
  9. We have to power to mitigate the impact of our sins according to the Bible.

Christianity Based debate topics – Fresh Ideas &Titles

  1. How to church and Christianity can be related to each other in the modern scenario?
  2. We get salvation from the cycle of birth and death by following every preaching of Christianity?
  3. Few laws of Christianity are framed by the pops of the churches and they are not mentioned in the Holy Bible.
  4. Churches have always a wrong perception towards women as women were not allowed to be the main member of these Churches.
  5. Christianity suppresses the importance of women and considers men as the main force behind the existence of human life.
  6. According to the story of the Bible Woman comes from the ribs of man then why the pops of churches consider women not suitable for the main authority of the Church.
  7. The Church authorities do not follow the teachings of Christianity and twist the biblical preaching according to their own benefits.
  8. The original meaning of Christianity lies in its verses only and its new versions and translations keep on changing its gist.
  1. It is difficult to put morality and religion on the same cover as both are different from each other.
  2. The theatre and several books after the coming of printing press lower down the importance of the Church as people came to know about the false preaching of the Bible by Bishops.
  3. Church starts losing its sheen after the coming of a new shift in literacy rate when people become able to read the Bible on their own.
  4. Although we can see a massive revolution in the reading of the Bible after coming of press people were still heading towards Churches till the Victorian era in high numbers.
  5. The importance of religion decreases with the coming of science and opening of coffee houses in Europe.
  6. The failure of the American dream which was based on the teachings of the Bible shows that people were not really following the Bible and its preaching in America.
  7. People used to visit Anglican churches more than the Catholic one after the coming of Charles II because of the too many restrictions posed on the people in Catholics rules.
  8. The period of interregnum help in the rise of Churches and their importance when Oliver Cromwell shut down all the sources of entertainment

Argumentative debate topics ideas on the Christian religion

  1. The Christian religion is given the utmost importance in countries of Europe and America over any other religion.
  2. Religious intolerance for two types of Christianity rules that is Catholics and Anglican shows the anarchy in European History.
  3. Due to the strict rules of the Catholic Church which follows all the biblical teachings of the Christian religion, it should be given first preference in the countries following Christianity.
  4. How it is possible to get out of the system of reincarnation to obtain salvation according to Christianity and can we relate it to other religions as well?
  5. There are chances of different perceptions of the Gospel of Jesus for every person reading it.
  6. What are the sins that are given in the Bible and how a person committing these sins gets punished by Jesus?
  7. It is almost impossible for a human being to become a holy spirit because of the so many worldly things he goes through in his entire life.
  8. Religion is not important for people who believe in science after the coming of various scientific inventions.
  9. It is not important to clean your body before entering the Church rather cleaning the spirit and mind matters more to get salvation from sins.

Current topics on Christianity for youth seminar

  1. The new perceptions and appropriations are made on Christianity over the period of time which altered its real meaning altogether.
  2. Bible represents the effect of true love on the human soul and its power.
  3. Bible asks human beings to shed all your worries in front of God and do not worry about your problems.
  4. The person who is not committing any sin is considered the Holy Spirit by God than the one doing worship but not having a clean mind.
  5. The reincarnation of the human soul is possible only when the person is involved in the good karma apart from following Biblical teachings.
  6. We should not strive for success according to the Bible as it is a worldly thing that pushes us towards a path that is opposite to salvation.
  7. Worldly things and responsibilities should be kept away according to the teachings of Christianity.

New debate topics ideas on various movements in Christianity 

  1. What research is going on these days in the biblical study to understand the actual meaning of the Bible and its verses?
  2. How John Milton describes the fate of Satan in Paradise Lost and why Satan is depicted as a Villain?
  3. What punishment Eve gets for persuading Adam to eat the Apple of Wisdom in Eden garden in the Bible Story?
  4. Can we say that the entire Bible is written on a single perspective where only Satan is considered wrong?
  5. What teachings we can have from the Gospel of the Bible which comprises the life experience of Jesus Christ?
  6. There were various schools of Christianity that were opened during the movement of Christianity to preach the teachings of the Bible forcefully.
  7. Can we have the glimpses where people are forced to adopt the Christian religion in countries where the majority of the population is Christian?
  8. How the Anglican movement in Christianity comes into existence and what were its consequences that can be seen at that time?

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