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Fetch Execute Cycle is explained as one of the most important theories in the entire study curriculum of Information Technology. This is the fundamental computer operation where the computer aspires to get the order or command from its memory after it is executed. This process is also repeated when the computer gets booted or gets shut down. So, the computer science students who are studying the concept of fetch execute cycle example are assigned difficult assignments.

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Fetch execute cycle 5 steps:

  • Instruction fetch
  • Instruction decode
  • Data fetch
  • Instruction execute
  • Result return

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Stages of Fetch Execute Cycle

Fetch stage: The next instruction is fetched from the memory address that is currently stored in the program counter and stored in the instruction register.

Decode stage: During this stage, the encoded instruction presented in the instruction register is interpreted by the decoder.

Execute stage:  The control unit of the CPU passes the decoded information as a sequence of control signals to the relevant functional units of the CPU to perform the actions required by the instruction, such as reading values from registers, passing them to the ALU to perform mathematical or logic functions on them, and writing the result back to a register.

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