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Human Anatomy- Definition & Approach

Human Anatomy and Physiology is the branch of biology course that is the learning of anatomy and physiology of human beings. The anatomy and physiology explain the learning of the digestive system, excretory structure, anxious system, endocrine system, and reproduction systems. There are two approaches to learning anatomy. The local approach separates the human body into diverse segments which are studied discretely.

For instance, the structure of an arm would explain different bones, muscles, connective tissues, anxiety, the lymphatic nodes the vascular network, and additional structures that are located in this anatomical area.

There are numerous diverse regions of the body – the region of the head & neck, thorax, stomach, upper & lower limbs, pelvis, and back. The methodical approach is concerned with studying all parts of a similar system throughout the whole human body in spite of the physical location of its components.

For instance, the anatomy of the nervous system would look at the mind, spinal cord, & all nerves in the body.

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Anatomy is the learning of interior parts of the living body. Consequently, it can be described as a division of Biology that helps to get a clear description of each interior organ.

Consequently, anatomy is generally divided into three major sections: Plant anatomy, animal anatomy & human anatomy. In this piece of writing, we will focus on human anatomy and our service of Human Anatomy Assignment Help that is offered to Biology students at secondary, college & university level. We also provide public health assignment help services at a very cheap cost.

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Major Topics Under Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy and Physiology is a huge discipline of biology and discipline. Therefore it comprises different topics such as:

  • Significance of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins
  • Components of the digestive system
  • Biochemistry of energy metabolism
  • Major electrolytes of the body
  • Functioning of nephron
  • Regulation of electrolyte composition and fluid balance
  • Components of the excretory system
  • Organization of the nervous system
  • Structure and functioning of sense organs
  • Hormones of endocrine glands

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