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Various educational institutions are providing news analysis assignments to students to enhance their general knowledge and current affairs so that students do not just stick to subjective knowledge. They are asked to go through news articles in the newspaper and select a particular topic according to their subject.

These kinds of assignments are generally provided as a home-based assignment and involve Complex research and are time-consuming. Students take advantage of this and look to write my assignment paper for college services to cope up with such stressful tasks. We are providing a detailed article on news analysis assignment, their sources, and various ways to analyze them.

Understanding news analysis assignment

News analysis assignment is a type of assignment designed to include current specific economic events or issues arising during the present times and are highlighted in the newspaper.

These assignments will be graded based on the effectiveness of your article, the ability to communicate the idea, and the quality of your critical analysis work.

Source of a news article analysis assignment

The source of a news article is most significant as your assignment is based upon it majorly.

  • Locate a recent article in the news magazine or newspaper that deals with an economic issue in some depth.
  • The article must deal with many key concepts included in your courses such as budget deficits, monetary policy, price controls, opportunity cost, fiscal policy, subsidies and taxes, economic discrimination, market power, and externalities.
  • The newspaper magazine, library, your hometown newspaper, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and business week are good source of searching for appropriate articles.
  • Collecting the appropriate article is crucial. Select the best article that can provide many opportunities for detailed study and application of course concepts.

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Ways to analyze a newspaper article

You must lookout for the following criteria while working on news article critical analysis.

  • Check the news article headline and relate it to your subject area.
  • Focus on the voice tone and structure of the article.
  • Include your personal opinion by examining the news report structure.
  • Understand the true opinion of the author and determine the tone of the article. It can be neutral, satirical, angry, critical, or passionate.

Requirements and advice while making news analysis assignment

Write about a three-page typewritten paper in which you can apply the course tool and interpret some important key points in the article.

Keep in mind the following piece of advice and requirements

  • Include appropriate diagrams.
  • Consider the viewpoint and responses of the audience involved.
  • A reader must be able to understand and read your analysis therefore, make a free-standing piece of writing.
  • Incorporate specific information, statistics, and analysis from the news article in your assignment

From the above discussion, we can see that news reports are related to particular incidents or events. News articles are time-sensitive and need to understand properly.
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Frequently asked questions

Question 1 how long should be a news analysis assignment be?

Answer: it depends upon the grade you are in and on what subject you are writing, your analysis assignment should be around 700 to 1000 words.

Question 2 what is the difference between soft and hard news?

Answer: according to the interest, consumers are divided into groups.
Soft news includes Lifestyle, celebrity, or entertainment news whereas, hard news involves business, International, and political news.

Question 3 Are news analysis assignments graded?

Answer: yes, news analysis assignments are heavily graded. The content of the assignment should not be copied as it is from the news article and it must contain original content. It can affect your marks reasonably if not done properly.

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