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OxMetrics is economic software packages that offer an integrated solution for the econometric study of time series, fiscal econometric modelling, forecasting, or statistical analysis.

It is also recognized as an Ox programming language that is used in econometrics & statistics. OxMetrics is software deals with econometrics which consists of Ox programming language for data and econometrics.

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OxMetrics has originated from PcGive, which by far is the main software which deals with econometrics for usage in PCs.

In other words, OxMetrics refers to the name of an assortment of software packages that aims to offer an integrated solution for the econometric study of fiscal econometric data, forecasting, time-series study, and statistical study of the panel & cross-section data.

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What Is OxMetrics?

OxMetrics is a powerful modelling and analysis tool for determining the economic value of water projects. It considers interactions between different sectors, spatial patterns of development, and the availability of alternative sources from the catchment to the delivery point.

A model can be built which simulates production and demand, taking into account technological aspects that regulate inflow levels by both surface capture and groundwater abstraction. Outputs from a model include numbers for water-saving potentials as well as service level requirements for remaining population centres at risk.

This information can then be used to identify strategies for cost-effective investments in the public sector’s capital expenditures on irrigation systems required at this time to satisfy existing needs.

Modules Of OxMetrics.

Ox Professional Version

A language that can substitute C, Java and even Python for econometric programming & statistical analysis with many commands under its belt. It’s called Ox because it originally evolved from Basic Programming Language For Econometrics (OXL) which was created in order to be used as an essential tool on matrices operations but now is general enough not just focused solely around them anymore; OXL comes complete with other modules like PcGive or G@RCH too!

OxMetrics Enterprise Edition Version

The perfect research tool for economists, statisticians and analysts alike.OxMetrics Enterprise Edition Version is a remarkable solution with regard to incorporating all the different vital components which are essentially required for empirical along with theoretical work in econometrics as well applied economics time series analysis.

PcGive Version

PcGive Version is an important tool for advanced econometric modelling. Our professional Oxmetrics Assignment Writing Help Services UK solutions help students in every aspect of their study, from the single equation and panel data models all the way to time series models or even choice ones!

G@RCH Version

G@RCH is a significant Oxmetrics module that deals with evaluation and forecasting. It offers many features to meet all your needs for volatility & guadric deviation. The latest version, 7+, has numerous additional improvements over other modules such as this one!


The SSFPACK Module is the most up-to-date and powerful version for collecting C routines. This module functions with Ox 4 or any other edition above this one, as it has been designed to work smoothly in an unlimited number of state-space forms present on all formats supported by OX4’s State Space Form Analysis & Surveys feature does not belong, however, towards any group within oxmetrics publishers such as “Oximetric Group Editions”.

TSP Version

The TSP International is a system that has been developed entirely for the purpose of forecasting and flexible programming. It’s installed as an essential component in Oxmetrics’ software, it also assists with any command-driven environment through its provisioning services such as highlighting syntax & builders that are needed when using these programs effectively- helping you save time by doing what’s familiar while navigating complicated commands effortlessly!

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