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Paleontology is a science that deals with the study of prehistoric life, which includes plants, fish, mammals, and microbes. For students, it seems to be a tough subject. This is the subject that becomes a headache for the students. The pain is even increased when the university professors ask for exceptional quality of assignments within the given deadline. Moreover, completing homework in a paleontology assignment becomes a troublesome task for the students.

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What is Paleontology?

Paleontology is referred to as the science of ancient life which seeks information about several aspects of past organisms. Basically, the fossils are researched on this subject so that the evolution of the organisms and plants can be studied and saved for future references. This subject includes studying the history of the earth, its environment, the organisms that lived here, the process of their evolution and their interactions with other species. This is a multidisciplinary course of study and uses the basic principle of both biology and geology as a base for the students to study. To make the process easier, palaeontologists use different sciences. The knowledge of chemistry is equally essential to reveal the state of fossils or rocks, which supports ascertaining the environment of the earth at a specific time.

Sub-Disciplines of Paleontology covered by Our Assignment Writers

  • Palynology – This sub-discipline is concerned with the study of micro-organic materials such as plant pollen, spores, and various microscopic plankton organisms.
  • Micropaleontology – The microscopic fossils that can be seen with the help of a microscope are studied under this discipline.
  • Palaeobotany – This is a field of palaeontology that deals with the study of plants and their biological process history.
  • Taphonomy – The process that happens to the organism after its death comes under this discipline. The process includes burial, decay and preservation that affects plants and animals as they become fossils.
  • Ichnology – It is the studies of the small indefinite quantity of plants and animals and their relationships to the particular environment. Moreover, it deals with the traces, footprints, burrows, and other traces as the information and indication of activities of organisms.

Students need to study all these disciplines of paleontology if they are pursuing their degree program in this discipline. You can come to us and get assignments done online in this academic discipline.

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Some of the popular topics in palaeontology which students need to study and prepare assignments in and covered by our expert writers are listed below-

  • Biological evolution
  • Natural selection
  • Phyla vertebrates and invertebrate fossils
  • Paleontology study methods
  • Phyla fossils plant
  • Structure and anatomy of fossils
  • Paleontology application

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Answer: Yes. The overarching theme of any coursework assignment is to answer the questions that are relevant to the material being covered. As such, all possible topics are covered, no matter how minute they might be in comparison to other things.Paleontology involves people utilizing a wide variety of disciplines including one's knowledge on evolution, anatomy, biochemistry, geology and related fields of study that can also encompass anthropology at times. Whether someone specializes specifically in specific topics or not doesn't really matter because everything is touched upon within an assignment given by a teacher to explore for learning purposes or for educational value overall .

Answer: Students interested in fossils might be interested in studying geology, the history of the Earth's surface features. This would include features like magnetic polarity, sedimentary rocks (such as sandstone, limestone and shale), volcanoes, glaciers and rivers. The study of past life forms is called Palaeontology; this student may want to study biology or zoology for this coursework.

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