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R programming is one of the most widely used programming languages which is used majorly for statistical computing and graphics which makes the utilization of integrated development environment or IDE which is provided by R-studio.

R-studio is inclusive of advanced RAID or also known as Redundant Array of Independent Disks which are reconstruction modules, which is a feature-rich editor of text which comes with a disk along with an imaging and copying module in a single software piece which is ideal and more preferred for the creation of data and recovery station.

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Topics Which Are Studied Under R-Studio

  • Big data analysis using simple linear regression: This subject helps in managing big data with the use of simple regression and of course R-studio.
  • Big data and data analysis using multiple regression.: This subject aids in managing and evaluating big data which is used in regard to multiple regression
  • Data analysis using logistic regression.: This subject deals with the analysis of data with the use of logistics regression.
  • Model Performance using cross-validation. : This subject deals with an analysis of data using a performance-based measurement using a model for cross-validation.
  • Statistics and probability.: This is a subject which deals with statistics and probability by the use of R-studio and its application.

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R is a programming language used for statistical computing while RStudio uses the R language to develop and run programs independently of any other computer program.

R studio is a powerful and user-friendly platform for data analysis. This versatile software provides organizations with easy access to graphs, tables of information as well as code that can be edited on the fly in one place - making it easier than ever before possible without having different programs or documents open at once!

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