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Premium Research Topic Ideas for College Students [$10 Only]

Finding a unique topic for research paper is the greatest task of the college students. That is why trending and free research paper topics help is required by the college students to write such assignments. Easy and simple research topics are suggested here by the Students Assignment Help professional for such graduates in different subjects. You will be able to find sociology research paper, science research paper and latest research topics on finance etc. So pick any topic from the following list and start writing your high school research paper on any topic.

The importance of writing a research paper on relevant and interesting research topic cannot be denied at any cost. This is because good research paper topics are associated with best research and such research proposals are easily accepted by the professors and teachers. So if you are writing your high school, middle school research assignments then easy high school research paper topics are suggested here. Just scan through the list and get a topic for your paper to submit it on time. You will be able to write relevant research paper on these easy topics by writing your research paper outline.

Some Free Research Topics on Different Subjects

Research Topic on Education

  1. Effect of behavioural psychology on the learning process of students in inclusive education.
  2. Why education system should be kept out of political affairs to enhance the quality of education?
  3. Effect of smoking on the mentality of teenagers and how they get into this affair?
  4. Online education is important as compared to the traditional way of learning at school.
  5. We cannot live in ideal society as the meaning of utopian world keep on changing.
  6. How technology and gadgets can proves out to be dangerous for kids?
  7. Smart studies versus hard work which is more relevant to gain success?

Research Topic Based on Business Management

  1. How Start-up business face challenges in business marketing in initial years of growth?
  2. How taxation system in underdeveloped and developing countries lower the success of business as compared to developed tax free nations?
  3. Can we say that the variations in the culture of customers bring problem in establishing business in foreign region?
  4. How monopoly on the economic resourced in a given area affect the business growth of new businessmen?
  5. Does business grow for generations with traditional approach?
  6. How the infringement of business copyrights are punishable in developed nations?
  7. Requirement of good bonding among employees for smooth running of business.

Subject Name Research Topic for College Students

  1. How social cognition of a person is affected by the kind of society and its customs in which he or she is living?
  2. How sexual orientation of an individual is decided by the forces that exist in society setup?
  3. Why personality of a person is much affected by the way his upbringing is done in the society and kind of people he is exposed to?
  4. How speech informalities can be related to the psychological approach of an individual?
  5. Why autism and dyslexia cannot be treated on allopathic treatment effectively like that of clinical psychology and social care?
  6. Role of psychologist to put a person out from the chains of narrow approach towards different things.
  7. How social behaviour and interaction in society of an individual is decided by the environment and society in which he is raised?

Science Research Topic ideas for Free

  1. Why cancer studies are unsuccessful so far to eradicate the diseases from its roots?
  2. Bio-technology applications in the treatment of people who have undergone permanent mutations.
  3. Possibility of treating low intelligent quotient people with the help of recombinant DNA technology.
  4. Test tube baby and effect on the surrogate mother.
  5. Why the heart diseases are growing with hectic lifestyle along with late night food habits?
  6. How carbon dioxide excess and low level both is harmful for people to live normal life?
  7. Bio-diversity and Ecology of an area and its impact on the normal living of human being in that area.

Research Topic Based on History

  1. How the world war one and two starts on trivial arguments among two people and what does it reflect about the contemporary society?
  2. How was the plight of African slaves who were brought to America for cultivation of crop?
  3. Why slavery came into existence and what reasons made its abolishment permanently?
  4. How we can see the effect of world war on the mind and psychology of people through their fragmented dialogues?
  5. Family structure and end of emotions with absurdity are post world war symptoms.
  6. How we can see the various civil movements that occur in United Kingdom lead to the separation of British to make America?
  7. French revolution and its benefits for the social welfare throughout the world.

Interesting Research Topic in Marketing

  1. How the marketing in the field of medicine distribution should be associated with business ethics?
  2. Good business ethics as a tool of the successful marketing of any sort of business.
  3. Business marketing by women and challenges to gender roles of society.
  4. Why supply and chain management is crucial part of business marketing in present time?
  5. How digital marketing is surviving over conventional way of advertising the business?
  6. How marketing forces works in fighting the business competition and success of business?
  7. Best example of business marketing in online business which bloom with surplus success.

Research Topic Based on Abortion

  1. Success in checking the rate of abortion by declaring it as legal crime.
  2. When a woman can undergo medical termination of pregnancy without infringing the law system?
  3. Why abortion laws are framed in favour of women by keeping the plight of women in mind?
  4. How people declare an abortion as miscarriage by destroying the evidences?
  5. Importance of abortion laws in underdeveloped countries where the situation of women is miserable.
  6. Psychology of society regarding abortion of unmarried women.
  7. What are the problems and risk associated with abortions for women health posy abortion?

Finance Research Topic ideas for Free

  1. Importance of financial analysis of the business and taxation policy.
  2. Is it important to have a business taxation manager in a country where there is not cess and taxes are no on the businessmen?
  3. Which types of financial statements are prepared by the financial managers at the end of the year?
  4. How the financial budget of any country is decided in a democratic government by the ministers?
  5. Different theories of finance that talks about the fundamentals of finance and its role in business.
  6. Why it is important to keep some profit of business for the development and improvement of services?
  7. Importance of case study in business finance to take good decisions.

Interesting Research Topic in Biology

  1. Why cancer cells grow too fast when compared to the normal body cells?
  2. Different types of tumours that can harm human body and how to differentiate them to normal cells?
  3. How protozoan can effects human body when not treated for long time?
  4. How we can us from the Toxoplasma infection and what are its symptoms?
  5. Cause of gout in early period of life and what should be done to remain away from it.
  6. How the amino acid deficiency can make us too lean and poorly developed body muscles?
  7. What could be done to have a healthy heart for heart patient?
  8. Different types of cholesterol and how they affect human body in negative and positive way?

Interesting Research Topic in Sociology

  1. How gender roles are getting a cliché in modern time as people are doing so many things that do not falls under their gender role?
  2. How gender roles came into existence and why women were given work which requires low physical labour?
  3. Effect of social media on providing equality and basic rights to the marginal sections of the society.
  4. Why women should be vested with all rights related to their pregnancy?
  5. How rude and brutal behaviour of cops is considered as crime to the common public?
  6. Why bisexual and homosexual marriages are still seen as social taboo by the society.
  7. Pregnancy before marriage and social taboo in developing and underdeveloped nations.

For Management/MBA Students

  1. Role of hospitality managers in managing the customers in hotel industry.
  2. How good business communications affect the management of any business on domestic and international scale?
  3. What are the basic principles of management in all fields that must be followed by a manager?
  4. Role of ethics in the profession of management team members in a given area of work.
  5. Why it is said that good management is the backbone of a good business?
  6. How healthcare management is playing a massive role in the development of the business of hospitals?

Argumentative Research Topics You may choose

  1. Leadership qualities can be developed by a person in his life and they are not hereditary.
  2. Bio-technology is serving poor nutritional value of eatables prepared through hybrid process.
  3. We cannot put the social taboos away from the mind of society by framing laws.
  4. If women demand equal rights then they have to do equal work to men without seeking reservation.
  5. Technology and gadgets are destroying the career of students by distracting them from education studies.
  6. We cannot force the society to follow a rule until and unless it is prepared to do so.

Computer Science Related Research Topic Suggestions

  1. What is cloud computing and how cloud storage is best over all other types of storage?
  2. Importance of data mining in crypto currency to know the value of different digital currency and its process.
  3. What is data warehousing and how it is useful present day in the arena of computer science?
  4. Computer science and Bio-informatics how they are associated to each other?
  5. Why harmful rays of technical equipments used in healthcare are ignored by the surgeons?
  6. Benefits for research in health sector with the help of computer science these days.
  7. Why we are still not able to kill virus like HIV and such other virus which are growing in patients?

Free Topics for Social Work Research

  1. Healthcare and social work in the nursing ethics for the needy people in society?
  2. Wrong impression on the mind of people about feminism as they do not understand the real meaning of feminism?
  3. Why education resources should be increased for men and women both in developing countries?
  4. How the good education with the help of government can lay the foundation of successful country?
  5. Equality to girls and boys to play games with the help of social workers.
  6. Role of social workers in giving push to the marginal section into the main stream.
  7. How media is playing a significant role in social work.
  8. Corporate culture and social responsibility to help in building good infrastructure of social welfare.

Free Topics for Biochemistry Research

  1. How hybrid seeds are better substitute for chemical fertilizers which people use to enhance the yield of crop?
  2. Reduction in the prize of medicines with the help of bio-chemistry in pharmaceutical industry by applying bio-chemistry fundamentals in biotechnology.
  3. How artificial enzyme system in human body can enhance the physiological reactions in various organs of the body?
  4. Why it is important to take fats in excess in case you want to lose weight?
  5. Effect of taking high quantity of carbohydrates in your diet and skipping protein altogether.
  6. What is the exact portion of Carbs, protein and fats in human diet of a healthy human?
  7. Excessive lactic acid in joints can become the cause of arthritis and gout. Is it true?

Economics Research Topic ideas for Free

  1. How economics theories are important to understand the macro and micro economics?
  2. What are the roles of economics in business management and its marketing?
  3. How the prizes of the services and products are controlled indirectly by the economic policies of any nation?
  4. What is the effect of stock markets in the business entities?
  5. Why financial intermediaries should show their interest in the small business to enhance their growth?
  6. How cottage industry of any country can become a good source of employment for the unskilled people?
  7. What should be the role of economic policies in the development of a nation’s infrastructure?

Accounting Research Topic ideas for Free

  1. Is it good to keep cash for tax evasion for small businessmen?
  2. How the coming of internet and technology has enhanced the authenticity of accounting apart from saving time of accountant?
  3. Reduction of manpower in accounting sector with the coming of technology in present period of time.
  4. How accounting system varies country to country and business to business?
  5. What kind of accounting softwares and systems are required in different sorts of business?
  6. How to maintain profit, accuracy and accounting ethics in parallel note?
  7. Conclusion of wrong data input in the accounting and how to avoid such mistakes?

To High School Students

  1. What is bio-technology and its major applications?
  2. Why we should focus on the practical studies rather than theoretical one?
  3. What were the main cause of French revolution and how it is important part of history?
  4. How globalization is useful for the cross cultural growth and its importance?
  5. Environmental pollution and cause of skin diseases due to free radical in the environment.
  6. Why fiscal deficit should be low for the smooth run of a nation?
  7. How micro and macro economics works along with each other?
  8. Is it important to read critical novel in school?

Interesting Research Topic in Business

  1. What are the business ethics that businessmen are supposed to follow with legal enforcement?
  2. Why there are different business softwares for different types of business?
  3. Digital marketing as inseparable part of the business growth in present time.
  4. SWOT and PESTLE analysis and its process to understand the loopholes of a business.
  5. What kind of business management is important for the smooth run of a business on foreign land?
  6. Which are the fundamental theories that are associated with the business management?

Research Topics for College Students

  1. How higher studies system should be tackled with more inclination towards reflective studies?
  2. Philosophy of education in developed countries for higher studies.
  3. Why research work should be an important part of college studies for students?
  4. How the environmental pollution can be checked with the help of plantation?
  5. Electronic cars as substitute for pollution free vehicle and its success on road.
  6. How social marketing and advertisement can lead a business easily?
  7. Why cyber crimes are rising and role of networking security to check such crimes?

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