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Retail Banking:- Introduction

Retail banking is the act of providing financial services to individuals, businesses, and institutions through banks. The industry provides personal accounts (e.g., checking accounts), savings accounts, money market deposits, certificates of deposit (CDs), instalment loans (like credit cards or automobiles), mortgages for buyer’s housing needs, student loans for education expenses at various schools; gas and electric utilities; home security systems; trusts located in bank-owned vaults.
For these reasons and more retail banking has become a popular career path for graduates with degrees in business administration who are looking to work in the finance field.

The lending strategy of a retail bank is heavily influenced by its number and type of branches. For example, branch banks will typically be more community-focused and may focus more on relationships with larger borrowers (that do not usually pass through online underwriting). On the other hand, non-branch banks will often offer bigger loans to small businesses that follow an internet process for underwriting; some underwriters feel this is at odds with local communities and may even increase income inequality in such cases.

Functions Of Retail Banks

  • Provides Liquidity: Provide more liquidity by influencing the money supply in an economy. This is usually done with interest rates and periodically reviewing creditworthiness protocols, but it can also involve managing banks’ balance sheets or controlling inflation through purchasing power that’s issued from government entities such as the central bank or treasury department.
  • Reduce the probability of default on loans: It’s important to reduce the probability of default on loans by pooling together risks, and a bank that has too few funds can suffer financially. The institutions are also in better positions with reserves set at federally mandated rates so they will always have enough cash available as long as consumer deposits remain high.
  • Reduces borrowing cost: Lower the cost of borrowing by offering competitive interest rates. When an economy is booming, banks can increase profits during that time period with a Keynesian monetary policy and then decrease it when times get tough for business owners in order to stimulate consumer spending.

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Retail banking offers deposit, access and lending services to individuals. Commercial banks are another name for corporate banking that provides the same types of financial service to businesses or other institutions - typically by offering more complex products than retail does on an individual basis.

The role of the retail banker is to help individual consumers manage their money, gain access to credit and deposit it securely in a way that's both convenient for them. Retail banks offer checking accounts as well as savings or CD products; mortgages are also available through some institutions depending on your unique circumstances--plus personal loans if you need one.

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