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Safety Management:- Meaning

Safety Management may be defined as the process of identifying hazards, evaluating risks associated with their occurrence, implementing controls to reduce the probability of harm where it is safe to do so, and taking timely corrective action in dealing with hazards that cannot be eliminated or controlled.
A systematic safety management approach based on the principles of hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) involves identifying potential biological, chemical or physical agents that could cause harm at your workplace. Once these are identified you will need to list any conditions or activities which could lead to an accident or injury while performing these tasks.
Before listing all of the potential consequences of a hazard that has been identified, it is necessary to identify which particular people might be harmed by such hazards.

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Scope Of Safety Management

  • Industrial Safety:- The first area of the safety management assignment is about industrial risks. Here, the topic includes identifying potential problems that may result from a decision and how they could be anticipated or prevented with various solutions in the mind-of course depending on what ethical framework you use!
  • Safety of human resources:- The safety of human resources is important for any organization. If employees are not healthy enough or if their medical treatment costs the company too much, then it can affect performance at work and potentially lost revenue as well – which would ultimately lead to decreased productivity levels in your business!
    The good news? There’s the variety available when choosing an employee benefits package: short term disability coverage (which provides pay during absence), life insurance plans that help cover death expenses after just one year with us; dental care packages including preventive visits every three months plus major procedures like braces and so much more.
  • Occupational health:- The area of occupational health includes the safety and wellness of your employees. It’s important that their working environment is clean, fresh air-filled with natural light; it should be comfortable enough so they can focus on doing good work without feeling stressed out or worn down by lacklustre conditions like some people do at home due to lack thereof (i know because I stored). A positive vibe in the workplace makes everyone feel better including those who are managing tasks outside traditional responsibilities which may help them too.

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