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Business law deals with the body rules that are applied to agreements, conventions, commercial matters, national or international legislations. These significant areas of law business demand in-depth knowledge of the subject, so the students require high-quality business law homework help. Business law is also known as commercial laws.
Our expert assignment helpers of business law refer business regulations as a part of the civil law field which relates to the disputes arising between individuals, trade institutions and business organizations relating to industry, trade, and commerce. This is one of the most sought law disciplines and incorporates both public and private laws.

Disciplinary areas of business law

1. Corporate law- A Corporate law is about the disputes arising between management, the board of directors, shareholders of big multinational companies regarding shares, capital investment, mergers, acquisition, accounts, profit and losses, etc. The significant areas of corporate law are:
- Corporate governance
- Corporate Constitution
- Director’s duties
- Corporate balance of power
- Liquidations
- Litigations
- Corporate finance
- Corporate crime

2. Consumer law- The regulations that deal with the rights of the consumer is referred to as consumer law. A part of this area also deals with the issues like competition, fair price, anti-trust, etc. The significant areas of consumer law are:
- Antitrust issues
- Airline complaints
- Fair trade
- Competition issues

- Transparency
- Extended warranty issues - Product recalls

3. Environment laws- It deals with the impact of trade, industrialization, and globalization on the environment. This field is rather broad that includes a number of regulatory subjects. The major areas of regulatory subjects are:
- Environmental impact assessment
- Water pollution
- Air pollution
- Contaminant Cleanup
- Waste management
- Chemical safety
- Safety of forest, wildlife and mineral resources.

4. Intellectual property laws-
This deals with the issue of trademark, copyright, patent, branding, advertising, etc. the major areas of intellectual property are
- Copyright
- Patent
- Trademark
other closely allied areas of commercial laws are e-commerce laws and tax laws. Given such a various field, it is only normal for students who feel lost due to business law assignments. A law student has to carefully analyze all sides of the legal disputes to come to a possible solution.

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