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Communication is basically a way through which one person conveys a message to another. It is basically a two way interactive procedure where two or more people engage in verbal, face to face and non-verbal interaction with each other.
In relation to nursing, communication is the process of interacting with patients with the motive of providing quality health care services. Quality care involves providing safe, on time services to patients. You can adopt the person centered approach for delivering quality healthcare services to patients. Nurses cannot provide quality care to patients without having communication with them.

Importance of communicating in nursing

 As a nurse, we need to communicate in an effective manner with people of different cultural, educational and social backgrounds. Nurses have to facilitate  an effective communication in order to gather information about patients which is crucial in order to provide quality health care services.

Theories of communication in nursing

There are basically 2 fundamental model of communication in healthcare that students should aware of. Few communication theories in nursing are:

Interpersonal relations theory

This theory emphasizes the relationship between a nurse and the patient. Interpersonal relation theory will help you in developing understanding about factors which influence therapeutic care. You can apply interpersonal relations theory in complex situations. During complex situations you need to take care of various components such as attitude, practices and environment while having communication with patients. These are 4 stages of relationships:


As the treatment begins and patient asks questions and receives explanations.  Nurses in order to provide treatment to patients and gain their trust require listening and communicating effectively with them.


Nurses need to work with patients. In order to work in an effective manner both patients and nurses need to develop understanding about each other. They need to trust and accept each other’s role in the procedure of getting better.


Patients utilize all the healthcare services, nurses through effective communication can develop strong relationships with patients. It is through effective interaction nurses will be able to accomplish treatment goals.


It is through effective communication nurses will be able to recognize and fulfill the needs of patients.

Dyadic interpersonal model of communication

Its communication model in nursing works around the dynamic interactive procedure which occurs between two individual people. It is a simple one- there are a sender and a recipient. Dyadic interpersonal  communication model in nursing emphasizes on the different factors which can alter the message. These external elements are attitude and physical components which can influence discussion taking place between patients and nurses
Sender of the messages encodes the information.  Decoder of message or recipient must address the message and procedure the information. Dyadic interpersonal  model emphasizes the requirement for clear interaction.  Students need to develop understanding about different elements influencing interaction or discussion.

Communication models of improving nursing practices

All nurses mainly emphasize on providing person centered care to the patients. Nursing students in order to provide person centered services need to give the patient feeling of individualism. Nurses can provide a feeling of individualism to patients by listening to them and communicating with them in an effective manner.
When a patient thinks that they are receiving your full attention and care, they will be more prone to share their treatment goals, their needs and will share symptoms with you which are crucial for delivering Quality care.

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