Digital Forensic Essay Sample

Digital Forensic Essay Sample


Digital forensic is a branch of forensic related to the investigation and recovery of foreign material found in digital devices due to Cyber theft and criminal activity. Previously Digital forensic used to refer to computer forensics. But it covers other areas like databases, cables, and networks that are capable of storing information in the form of data.

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Technological advancements in electronic and storage media redefined the digital forensic process. It includes all the sub-branches based on the investigation needed. Digital forensic incorporates Network forensic, computer forensic, Analysis of forensic data, mobile forensic.

Computer forensic involves the examination of data stored in the devices for Purpose of Investigation. Digital forensic includes investigation of digital evidence from Mobile devices. Network forensic implies the Evidence stored in the network traffic.

The forensic analysis identifies the pattern of the fraudulent action using the data structure. Database forensic involves the study of databases and Metadata including content like a log file, RAM investigation.

Specifically, the law enforcement agency, military, business, and industry sector is involved with tracking down hackers or programmers that install Viruses, jailbreak the cybersecurity, and utilize the computer devices for illegal activities. Computer forensic addresses Information security, White Collar crime, computer espionage incident response, and child pornography matters.

Before coming to the details of computer forensic one should get familiarized with basic terms like evidence. It is imperative to get an overview of the standard guide.

What is Evidence?

Evidence is a piece of information that is collected at the scene of the crime. It bears relation to the investigation. evidence may include tire marks, DNA

Fingerprints to bloodstains. Evidence should be believable, admissible, complete, reliable, and authentic.

Evidence can be categorized to corroborate direct Primary, secondary, inclusive circumstantial, and opinion evidence. Investigators should follow Certain measures while working with evidence. The guidelines are as follows:

  • There should be no change to the data Or media that forms evidence
  • The person accessing the data on the target device should be competent
  • Reports of all processes related to the computer-based evidence should be Formed and reserved.

What are the phases involved in the computer forensic investigation process?

Pre-process is the initial phase of the computer forensic investigation process. It involves inter-related tasks that should get completed before collecting and investigating the concerned data. The tasks should get approved by the concerned authority. One needs to prepare, set up, and use the investigation tool.

The second phase of Investigation

As per the computer forensic investigation model, Acquisition and preservation form the second phase. In this phase activities related to Collecting and acquiring Evidence performed following various recovery techniques.

Tsk involves Identifying digital components of the collected evidence. It is followed by transporting, preserving, and storing Data such as quality case management. In brief, it is the phase where data gets collected Stored preserve and presented for the next stage.

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The third phase of Investigation

After the concerned data gets collected and stored, it needs to be analyzed. Analysis is the core and center of the data forensic investigation process. Analysis is the largest phase of the data forensic investigation process that involves tasks like evidence validation and tracing recovery of encrypted data.

Different types of analysis get performed on the concerned data. it helps to recognize the source of crime, and eventually the person who is related to the crime.

The fourth phase of Investigation

Presentation is the fourth phase of the investigation forensic model. Findings from the analysis phase get presented to the authority with professional testimony. The document presented includes acceptable and adequate Evidence that is easily understandable by the concerned party. The outcome would be able to disprove or prove the alleged criminal act.

The final phase of Investigation

The final phase of the computer forensic investigation is the post process. It is concerned with the appropriate finishing of the investigation work. Digital and physical evidence should be handed over to the authorized owner. It is optional to review the investigation process in each phase test that should be done. It ensures the perfection of future investigation.

Challenges faced during evidence

There are some technical, logical, specific, and general challenges faced by the investigators. Technical challenges are faced by the investigators while searching for the criminal on the internet. Legal challenges are those faced as the findings don’t comply with the current technology.

What are the reasons behind using forensic tools?

There are multiple reasons behind using computer forensic investigation tools.

  • To compare between the original and duplicate data, hashing tools can be used. It assigns unique data for verification and recovery of data.
  • Hardware and software write tools are used to reconstruct data bit by bit. Tools help to generate hard disc copy.
  • Encase is a popular commercial tool that performs tasks like verification and analysis of data.
  • File recovery is a tool that helps to recover and reveal content stored in storage media.
  • Computer forensic tools can be used to recover the lost data in case of a software or hardware malfunction.


Information provided in the article provides a basic conception of the data forensic investigation process. Different forensic strategies get outlined to provide options to choose one methodology or develop one model. Technological is advancing, and skill development enhances the professional career of the individual.

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