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How to Write a Narrative Essay

Student's Assignment Help 08/09/2019 521 Views

If the college or university students get assigned with the narrative paper writing tasks, then it directly means that they have obtained the opportunity to develop their storytelling skills. It provides the student with a chance to show their advance knowledge and expert writing skills in front of the readers. Many of the college students take the narrative essay writing work as an exciting task while some of the students get tensed to finish it. Students have to demonstrate a specific event or story to show their results by explaining the content point to point.

Before starting the narrative essay task, students have to choose the proper topic.  There are many essay writing topics available for the students. When the students select an appropriate topic for writing the narrative essay, then they become capable of making the readers interested and involved in the process.

Definition Of Narrative Essay

A narrative essay paper is an academic paper assigned to the college or university students in which they have to describe a topic. The subject on which the students have to prepare an essay work can be based on personal experience or a book in which they have to explain a story to the readers.

The essay presented by the college students in front of the audience can get proved as an inspirational paper. Such narrative papers get more attention from the readers because everyone likes listening to the stories, and if stories are inspirational, then it can work effectively.

However, the students have to prepare a proper structure of the narrative essay paper before presenting it finally. The students of college or universities have to follow some of the appropriate writing guidelines to make their article unique and original.  The colleagues or professors of the college can also help the students in writing a narrative essay.

Essential steps for writing narrative essay paper

Here are  the essential  tips  which students can  consider in order to  write a narrative essay correctly :

  • Read narrative essay samples for taking inspiration:  To become well-familiar with the writing task of the narrative essay papers, students have to first understand the genre for writing it impressively. It can be beneficial for high school or college students to take the help of the sample papers provided on the different online sites or books and can get the perfect essay writing ideas. It can significantly help college students in organizing what they want to write in their essay paper.
  • Pick out the outstanding item:  There are mainly two components involved in the narrative essay paper, namely, a story and the analysis of the story. A perfect narrative essay is either about the particular issue, a theme, a concept, or about a specific topic. However, the students need to use their personal experience in an impressive way to explain the data easily.
  • Start with the impressive draft: writing a rough draft has become essential for the students, which can reflect how students can prepare their papers. When the students have selected a proper essay writing topic after that they have to prepare a draft of the essay,  It will inevitably affect the writing skills of college students.
  • Choose the essential storyline elements: The good narrative essay papers are full of particular images, specific details about the content and use of proper languages. The sights and the concepts should be discussed in the storyline of the essay paper. It is essential as well as compulsory for college students to include every relevant section of the article.
  • Express the point of view: It is very much important for the students first to think that what is the purpose behind writing the narrative essay paper. When the students are capable of knowing why they are writing essay tasks and why they have selected a specific topic for their essay paper then they can comfortably explain the concept to the readers.


Outline the storyline before finalizing the content

When college students are capable of understanding how they can make the essay paper ideally, then they can surely attract the attention of the readers. However, before presenting the paper in front of the audience, students have to first create a perfect outline of their paper by making a proper introduction part, the main body, and a conclusion. An ideal overview of the document can limit unnecessary things and can provide only specific details to the audience.

Introduction: When the students have decided on the topic to write the essay paper, then they have to begin their paper by writing some valid quotes or statements. When the readers read any of the impressive speech at the beginning of the article, then they can become curious about what is going to be the next statement in the paper. The introduction paragraph of the essay paper must be written in a perfect manner which can make the readers curious about the article.

Main body paragraph: The central part of the narrative essay is that  It is written either in the three-paragraph sentences or either with the five-paragraph sentences. The college students need to include all the essential information and concepts in the central part of the essay paper. It is not necessary to include the facts, but the students need to stay on the storyline of the article. The main body paragraph of the essay paper should provide the audience with an idea of whether the story represented has a worth or not.

Conclusion: The college students have to summarise the entire storyline in the ending part of the essay paper. The conclusion paragraph must include an effective statement or the key points which can reflect the idea on the minds of the readers. If the students have concluded the essay paper impressively then evidently, they can strike the storyline on the minds of the audience so that they can take immediate action for influencing the story.

Tips for writing a Narrative essay

  • Provide evidence to support the content: The college students don’t need to write a formal outline of the essay paper. Students have to include the proper examples to make the readers better understand the storyline presented by them. By adding the patterns and suitable pieces of evidence can help the students to support the idea of writing the essay paper. It can make the readers attentive to listening to the entire essay paper about the topic chosen by them. However, it cannot be effective if the students switch their perspectives for writing about the story.

The college students have to focus on the main idea while writing the content. If the students have collected the proper writing material for the essay paper, then they can surely make informative content so that the readers can take good ideas for paper writing. However, when the students search for the essential details for their essay paper, then they can represent the creative and innovative narrative essay paper in front of the audience.

  • Do not use unnecessary information in the content: The college students collect detailed information while writing for preparing the narrative essay papers. Even the most boring article of the academics can become useful as well as attractive when the students are capable of collecting informative content. It can be suitable for the students to show the paper in front of the audience by adding the proper details and essential part of the storyline.

However, it is wastage of time if the college students are adding some of the unnecessary information in their content as the readers are curious about the informative content and proper references, so they will not accept if the students are presenting any of the duplicate or unwanted material in their narrative essay papers. That is why it has become famous for the students to write a proper and well-structured paper, including only the essential content in their essay paper.

Structure of the Narrative Essay

The Narrative essay includes the personal experience of the people. The narrative essay is written in a particular structure that consists of the assigned topics, and it conveys a meaningful event. The structure of the Narrative Essay consists of three parts that are an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction: The introduction part should be well-considered as the warm-up section for the readers. This part should get expressed in such a way the audience admires the central concept of the Narrative essay. The main idea or the fact can get displayed in the introduction. This includes the aim behind that Narrative story. The introduction should be well-displayed in about 3 to 5 sentences. This standard sentence is enough to explain the story’s main idea. The introduction should be in precise and proper form. The thesis statement is part of the presentation.
  • Main Body Paragraph: The critical section of the Narrative Essay is a Main body paragraph. This includes the collection of supportive arguments and also consists of the logical reasoning behind the essay. The new and useful idea gets displayed, and also, the main body section contains 3 to 5 blocks.
  • Conclusion: The ending strike section of the Narrative Essay is the conclusion. This is the critical section that includes every part of the essay either it’s about the introduction or main body. The outcome is sum up of the total Essay. The judgment also consists of the proof to every statement claimed in the above section. The questions raised in the above article have cleared in the conclusion part. Also, the conclusion includes the 3 to 5 sentences paragraph

Thesis Statement for Narrative Essay

The thesis statement is the active part of the argument for the confession, story, and speech. This includes every part of the narrative report. The thesis statement is made to evoke the attention of the reader. It also helps in the introduction of the reader to every problem that gets discussed in the Narrative Essay. The statement reveals the fact by sharing the important part and not focusing on unnecessary things.

The best thesis statement can get viewed from the point that if the report includes something about the reader’s past incident. This means that the thesis is a way to inform the reader about the purpose of the essay. It refers to the real story of the people. So, it includes the central concept on which the complete Narrative Essay has based. However, it should not be in the form of a question or suggestion or any recommendation.

The thesis statement is written before the narrative essay to attract reader attention. As the narrative essay includes the stories related to personal experience, so the thesis statements as well include personal facts. Even it should not be the factor then it could be any the general truth.

Examples of thesis statement in a narrative essay

So, some examples are taken up to show how to express the Thesis statement in the Narrative Essay.

Example:- Consider the Narrative Essay about the person who is conscious of the climate changes that are made by the planet nowadays.

“The sentence can write in the form like “The hot weather causes the melting of the ice, but humanity cannot prevent the loss” is not suitable for the Thesis statement.”

Instead of this point, the account can write in the form of

“As many people are worried about the issues, but it is documented fact about global warming that it is real and it does not care about the existence of the animals and the human world in many aspects.”

So, this statement ultimately gave out a hint of the specified problem and also described the outcomes.

How to pick out the best writing topic for a narrative essay paper?

The students have to follow some of the essential steps or strategies to find out which of the topic is best for writing an influencing narrative essay paper. If the students fail in choosing the ideal subject for essay writing work, then they can take help from the following suggestions:

  • The topic chosen must be unique and innovative to grab the attention of the readers quickly.
  • The essay writing topic must be creative on which no one has researched yet. If the students are working on an entirely new idea, then it can be helpful to make the readers curious.
  • The topic selected must be clear and concise to make the writers attentive for reading the complete paper comfortably.
  • The specific and subject-based essay paper is the best to give details about the storyline of the idea entirely.


Problems faced by college students in the selection of topic

The major problem faced by college or university students while writing the narrative essay paper is related to the selection of a perfect topic. There are many topics available for the students, but it is hard to choose which is correct to reflect the storyline of the essay paper. Though it is not simple for the students to select the proper topic, there are various online writing sites from which the students can get adequate information about writing the paper. The following is the list of some of the best writing topics from which the students can select the best narrative essay topic.

Unique Topics from which college students can take an idea for writing the Narrative Essay:

  1. What will happen if one is capable of going back in time?
  2. What would you choose to change if you were allowed to change anything in history?
  3. What can be the most frightening experience?
  4. What is most important that you are afraid to lose?
  5. What can be the one thing that can change about us?
  6. What will happen if time is stoppable?
  7. What a billion dollars to do your lives?
  8. How was the first day at school?
  9. What does the first day of the job to do ones live?
  10. What happens to the phobic person?
  11. Which is the happiest day of your entire life?
  12. What can be the most unfortunate experience faced in anyone’s life?
  13. Which experience can get faced due to someone’s appearance or looks?
  14. Which is that one thing you would like to change from your past?
  15. What is the worst risk taken by your family?
  16. What is the hardest thing to do?
  17. Which challenges can be overcome by the students?
  18. How can youngsters treat depression?
  19. Who inspires you in every aspect of your lives?
  20. Who has helped you in changing the criteria of your lives?

 An impressive format for the narrative essay papers

College and many university students know the narrative essay as they are like a story. It does not matter that what is the actual purpose behind writing the academic paper for the narrative essay, but what matters is that the college students have to be aware of the basic writing rules and practical guidelines about the format of writing the essay paper.

A proper essay has to get completed with the competent essay format in which the students have to focus on the following mentioned steps:

  • The college students have to select the writing format wisely. The format writing styles can be APA, MLA, or any of the excellent and effective manner based on the requirements of the subject chosen by the students.
  • Focus on the title page. .
  •  The students need to be clear and concise for describing the content in a better form to the readers.
  • The college students can also recreate a story so that the readers can find that it had happened.
  •  It is essential to use simple and descriptive words to explain efficiently and to narrate correctly in front of the audience.
  • Usually, You should write narrative essay in first form. However, there is nothing wrong to use the third person sentence formation .
  • When the students have completed their narrative essay paper, then the final step is to reread the content. When the students have read the entire essay paper and have found any of the grammar or vocabulary mistakes in the content, then it is essential to eliminate it  from the content.


Narrative essay writing has become an essential part of many of the top colleges and universities across the world. The significant difficulty faced by the students comes when they have to select a perfect topic for writing their essay paper. It is not simple for the students to first select an appropriate topic for the essay paper and then to create it correctly.

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