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What do you mean by debenture?

The debenture is a financial Accounting instrument of the company, which company mostly uses to take money from others. Debentures are like a long-term security which company issue as a security against their assets. Debenture issued at the fixed rate of interest. Debentures are mostly used to increase short-term capital for future expenses. Companies some time need to take money from others to meet their expenses or for the ongoing project. Companies can issue their debentures and borrow money to increase their capital. Large companies mostly use debentures.

Characteristics of Debentures :

  • When a company borrows money from investors, a company gives them their debentures. But it doesn’t mean investors are the owner of the company. Investors are the creditors of the company.
  • Company increases their capital by borrowing money by issue their debentures, that money they have to pay on the due date or during the lifetime. So, debentures are the long-term source.
  • Debentures are secured like; company issues them some assets as a security to the investors.
  • The rate of interest on debentures is predetermined. The company has to interest on every due date even if the firm is in profit or loss.
  • From businesses point of view, debentures are very risky; the company has to pay interest on predefined rate and date even if they are suffering from loss. And on the maturity date, they have to pay the full amount to debenture holders.
  • Debenture holders cannot participate in management and don’t have voting right. But if companies are failing to pay their borrowed capital then investors can interfere by taking legal action.
  • Debentures are proven as the cheapest source of borrowing.

Type of Debentures :

  • Convertible Debenture : convertible debenture are the bonds that company can convert into company stock anytime. Convertible debentures contain low-interest rate than nonconvertible debentures.
  • Non-Convertible Debenture : nonconvertible debenture are the bonds that business can’t turn into their inventory. These bonds carry high-interest rate than convertible debentures.

Convertible debentures are safe then nonconvertible debentures because, if the market is not sound, convertible debentures are safe at that time. It’s better for investors to invest in convertible debentures.

Assignments Are Given On Debentures :

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