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What Is Descriptive Statistics?

If you ever get exposed to the quantitative analysis in your lab work in which you take two or three readings for the same experiment and then out of these readings a concordant reading is taken out. Then on the basis of this reading certain information, students can derive. Similar is the case with descriptive statistics in which different forms of data, be that it is in the graphical form or table form is subjected to the deeper analysis to make out the inferences and this is how we define descriptive statistics. Assignment writing for descriptive statistics subject is given to the graduates by the eminent scholars in writing descriptive statistics internal assessment. So never delay taking this help in order to become able the submission these assignments on time to your professors.

Descriptive Statistics Advantages And Disadvantages

  • Advantage and disadvantage of mean:

The sensitive measure reflects the values of all the data in the final calculation.

We cannot use mean with nominal data.

  • Advantage and disadvantage of median:

It cannot have an effect by extreme results.

Not as sensitive as the mean because not all values, the median reflect.

  • Advantage and disadvantage of mode

Useful when the data is in categories (nominal data) I.E. Asking people to name fav color. The most common color is the answer.

Not a useful way of describing data when there are several modes.

  • Advantage and disadvantage of variance:

A precise measure of dispersion considering all the exact value.

May have some of the characteristics of the data i.e extreme values.

  • Advantage and disadvantage of range:

Easy to calculate.

Affected by extreme values.

  • Advantage and disadvantage of standard deviation:

A precise measure of dispersion, all the exact values are taken into account.

Time-consuming and difficult to calculate than the range score.

Types Of Descriptive Statistics

There are four types of descriptive statistics:

  • Position measures
  • Dispersion or Variation measures
  • Central tendency measures
  • Frequency measures

Importance Of Taking Help To Write Descriptive And Inferential Statistics Assignment?

Many students who are not having good skills in making out the conclusion right away from the given form of data become hectic about their assignments on descriptive statistics assumptions. That is why such students Pay to complete Descriptive Statistics assignments in the successful completion of their coursework on the assigned time. Students Assignment Help experts have a great experience in this type of work and that is why always there two steps behind you in your troubles and problems to give you the best help.

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