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Louise Thomas - US

Masters of Finance from Atlantic International University

Education Qualification:

I have completed my Masters of Finance from Atlantic International University.

Subject paper expertise:

I’m expertise in accounting, corporate finance, financial valuation, behavioral finance, derivatives, capital markets, econometrics, financial modeling, quantitative methods, investment management, etc. I have completed many assignments and have got great reviews from the students you can check in the reviews sections.

Academic paper expertise:

I can do all types of academic papers and the case studies I have solved are Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.), The role of finance in sustainable development (sustainability), Crowdfunding implementations, etc. My main motive is to provide plagiarism-free content so that students could get appreciated by their professors.

Work Experience:

Currently, I’m working as a portfolio manager in a US-based firm, it has been 6 years since I’m working with studentsassignmenthelp.com. Its my dream come true when I collaborated with this website I love to help students in their academic tasks.

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Finance 13th June 2020

Managing Financial Resources and Decision Assessment Answer

Introduction The main focus of the following financial report is to reflect the understanding of the different sources of finance available to a business along with its implications and impact on the financial statements. In addition to this, this report has been provided information related to financial decisions in consideration to the budget, unit costs/pricing decisions, and project viability with using capital appraisal techniques. Knowledge of different financial statements and their usag

Finance 4th May 2019

India on the Cash Flow Analysis

QuestionsWhy did India experience relatively slow economic growth from independence until 1991?India attained independence in 1947 and since then, the government of India adopted the strategy of protecting the economy from direct and fierce competition from foreign companies. In order to do this, it adopted the ISI model (Import Substitution Industrialization Model). As the focus of the government was on making the economy closed to foreign competition, the decision to adopt the ISI mo

Finance 25th June 2016

Financial or Non-Financial Disclosure of Stockland Stapled

Assignment Question: Company Research Select one of the following companies: • AGL energy ltd • Caltex Australia ltd • Stockland Stapled (recommended) • Telstra Corp Ltd • Qantas Airways Ltd Students should apply accounting theory to the selected company disclosure and reporting in terms of their environment and social responsibility including the conceptual framework, ethics in the workplace, CSR, and corporate governance. The student should consider issues such as whether fina

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