Public Transport Vs Private Transport In USA Essay Sample

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It is no secret that the United States has a car culture. It seems like everything in America revolves around cars. Whether it be driving to work, getting groceries, or just running errands, people are always on the go and they use their vehicles for all of it. This can be costly though because gas prices are high and vehicle maintenance is expensive as well. Americans spend about $2 trillion dollars on transportation annually which is more than any other nation in the world! To save money and make life easier for themselves many Americans have turned to public transport such as buses and trains over private transport like owning a car or taking taxis. Public transit costs less than private transport per mile by an average of 50 cents per mile.

Essay Sample on Public Transport Vs Private Transport In USA

Thesis Statement – Public Transport Vs Private Transport Essay

There is a necessity for public transportation in America to ease traffic congestion and reduce the need for road building.

Introduction – Public Transport Vs Private Transport Essay

America, in recent decades, has experienced unprecedented economic growth with the GDP rising by $4.2 trillion US dollars to reach $13.6 trillion US dollars.

This is an illustrious period when America was widely known for its private transport system with cars becoming more affordable than ever before, but it didn’t last forever.

As Americans grew accustomed to a car-oriented lifestyle, traffic congestion became worse which costs around $100 billion USD annually.

Thenceforth, there came a necessity for public transportation in order to ease out this congestion and reduce the need for road building.

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Main Body – Public Transport Vs Private Transport Essay

According to Carrigan & Moser “Traffic congestion in the US is estimated at $100 billion annually.”

This estimation was provided by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) which garnered public attention to this issue. They also said that “congestion can be reduced through traffic demand management, operation improvements, and investment in transportation capacity”.

The road-building movement has now become obsolete as congestion worsened exponentially. This gave rise to Public Transportation System (PTS) which includes subways, metros, light rails, streetcars etcetera.

As PTS do not cause congestion; they are friendly to the environment too. American Public Transportation Association, an association of PTS operators throughout America states that “More than one billion gallons of gasoline are saved each day with public transportation”.

Till now, PTS also serves as an alternative to car usage by providing better connectivity, reduced commute time, and increased accessibility. APTA says that “Every year nearly 800 million trips are taken on buses and trains in the United States. Public transportation is very popular with Americans who reside in cities, suburbs, and small towns.” In addition to this, it affords many health benefits which include improved cardiovascular health due to a less sedentary lifestyle and reduced obesity rates among its commuters.

In contrast to America’s PTS, the Private transport system has been under severe scrutiny for being not only costly but also harmful for the environment. As a result, car-sharing services have emerged through which users rent vehicles rather than buying them.

Ride-sharing is thus another impactful public transport alternative to a private mode of travel that uses smartphone apps to connect passengers with drivers, ensures carpooling, and thus reduces vehicles on road. Uber for instance has capitalized on this opportunity by gaining popularity in America due to its cost efficiency, easy accessibility, and multi-modal nature.

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Conclusion – Public Transport Vs Private Transport Essay

America’s PTS are a more sustainable option when compared with private transport systems due to their reduced greenhouse gas emissions that benefit the environment without having adverse impacts on health or the economy. They are also more affordable through the availability of economical rates. Additionally, they provide better connectivity along with access to a wider range of services Overall, Public Transportation System should be considered as first priority when opting for green travel in America.

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