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Students Assignment Help January 21, 2018

BSc Honours Degree in Human Resource Management and Leadership Leadership Management

Instructions on Assessment: You are required to answer the following two questions. The word count for question one is 1500 words and for question two is 1500 words. Both elements are worth 50% of the overall assignment mark.

Part One: (1,500 words)

Reflect on your own experiences as a leader. Identify, in relation to relevant leadership models/theory, what approaches to leadership you typically adopt in your daily work.

Critically appraise your style of leadership. What professional development / training goals do you wish to establish in order to grow as a successful leader?

Part Two: (1,500 words)
Critically evaluate the degree to which leadership behaviours within your own organisation, or another with which you are familiar, reflect a genuine commitment to ethical leadership.

What recommendations do you have to improve ethical leadership behaviours in your chosen organization?

Mapping to Programme Goals and Objectives:
Programme (Level) Learning Outcomes that this module contributes to:

Knowledge & Understanding:
Demonstrate critical understanding of key aspects of business, management and leadership knowledge, at least some of which are at or informed by, the forefront of aspects of the discipline.
Demonstrate an appreciation of the uncertainty, ambiguity and limits of knowledge

Intellectual / Professional skills & abilities:
Demonstrate evidence of how self-refection has enhanced personal impact in a business /organisational environment through its influence on changes in personal behaviour.

Personal Values Attributes
Demonstrate critical understanding of how their own cultural and ethical values may impact on their ability to engage and work ethically, constructively and sensitively in diverse environments and/or teams.

Module Learning Outcomes:
You will be required to demonstrate:

Knowledge & Understanding:
1) Critical understanding of theory and models associated with leadership.
2) Your appreciation of limitations in the extent to which reliable knowledge about the characteristics of effective leadership can be determined

Intellectual / Professional skills & abilities:
3) Evidence of self-reflection in order to assess your potential as an effective leader

Personal Values Attributes
4) Demonstrate critical understanding of how your own cultural and ethical values may impact on your ability to engage and work ethically, constructively and sensitively in a leadership role.