Human Resource Management Assignment Answer

Human Resource Management Assignment Answer

What is Human resource management?

Human resource management is related to the strategic management of valuable assets of organizations. Individuals working there collectively and individually contribute to the growth of the business. Personnel management and human resource management are the two terms used interchanging. It describes processes involved in managing people in organizations.

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Human resource management is both business practice and academic theory that deals with the practical and theoretical aspects of managing a task force. HRM function deals with a plethora of activities. One of them is to decide whether to hire employees or outsource business processes, hiring and training the best employees.

HRM involves managing your approach to employee compensation and benefits, personnel records, and policies. It involves addressing performance issues, and ensuring that your management activities comply with various rules and regulations. The objective of human resource management is to meet the strategic goals of organizations by maintaining and attracting employees.

Challenges faced by Human Resource Management

As businesses get more diversified, proprietors are embracing human resource management. It reflects changes adopted by the organizations. Twenty-first-century organizations like the bank of America have the workforce to diversify programs. They need to retain, promote and hire personnel. Diversity requires employees to be sensitive towards the changes that each group brings to the workplace.

Employers need to shift their viewpoint from treating all equally to identifying the changes and responding accordingly. It helps to maximize employee retention and productivity. Employers need to deal with the individual requirements, expectations, and interests of the workers. Likewise, they should avoid practices that are offensive or racist to a specific group. They can’t discriminate among workers illegally.

Employers need to help workers to maintain work-life balance. HRM should ensure that the contingent workers don’t get treated as second-class workers. Contingent workers don’t get the facilities of full-time workers, so they might not be committed or loyal to the organizations. HRM issues come up when the businesses need to employ a sizeable portion of employees from the contingent task force.

Human resource management should play an active role in decision-making. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the human resource to strategically position the temporary employees. They should be able to resolve the conflicts between permanent and contingent workers. Core employees may become envious of the flexibility, high pay rate, and other facilities provided to the contingent workers.

Staffing is the process by which managers form an organization through the selection, hiring, and development of individuals as capable or productive employees. Staffing is the appraising employing developing remunerating and retaining employees. It ensures the organization has the right type of people in the right place and at the right time.

Staffing relates to employing almost all types of employees ranging from manager to operative. It includes all activities through which businesses strive at ensuring positions get fulfilled by the deserving employee. The human resource manager performs activities like organizing, controlling, planning, and directing. They receive employee assistance in performing staffing and related activities.

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  1. Recruitment

Recruiting is the process involved in attracting, and finding suitable candidates or applicants. The process begins with searching for new employees and ends with the submission of applications. It is a sort of competition. Just as the organizations compete to manufacture and market the best product, they compete to recruit capable employees.

Recruitment creates a platform between the employers and employees so that they can evaluate each other and settle on mutually beneficial solutions.

Methods of recruitment

Business enterprises train and develop employees for higher-level jobs. It requires employers to post new job openings, enabling employees to bid for the positions. Internal recruitment causes moral development. Enterprises are perceived to reward better performances. Firms have the HR data available for any employee recruited internally. Moreover, organizations have employee activities and work habit records.

Job promotion creates vacant positions. This chain contributes to increased morale. Internal recruit ought to get familiarized with the corporate culture and policies, products, and/or services offered by the businesses.

The organization should be able to save time and resources invested in the orientation sessions.

1. Advertisements

Advertisements are one of the popular methods of recruitment. Advertisements come in handy when searching for employees with high-level job roles such as the Vice President. Blue-collar job roles get highly advertised. Enterprises explicitly mention the post box where the candidates should communicate.

2.Employee referrals

Employee referrals act as a viable source of potential applicants. Existing employees may know people who might be their relatives, acquaintances, or friends. On the off chance that employees are pleased with the jobs, they can convey their feelings to people belonging to their communities.

3.Recruitment Alternatives

It implies getting work done by other methods such as hiring contingent employees, leveraging a subset of business processes. For instance, banking organizations can outsource debt collection or financial operations.

4.Selection Process

As the name suggests, selection implies shortlisting a subset of workers from the entire set of applicants who applied for the job. Selections involve tallying or comparing the qualifications of employees with job requisites. Selection helps to eliminate poor performers. It helps employers to recognize candidates with hobo syndromes. It is proven that precise information about career opportunities prevents a high turnover rate.

It requires finding a circular peg for a circular hole. The selection consists of the following stages:

  • Initial screening
  • Filling application form
  • Preliminary Tests
  • Brief interview
  • Conditional proposal
  • Performance evaluation
  • Temporary Job offer


The training and development Process starts with socialization and terminates with organizational development. Human relations, organizational development, and technological advancements necessitate continuous training of employees.


Maintenance involves all the measures taken by management to retain productive workers. It is the responsibility of the HRM to ensure a safe working environment. They should have concern for the welfare of the employees. It includes employee support programs that help employees to get over stressful life conditions.

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3. Appraisals

Performance appraisal is the systematic evaluation based on his/her performance and development potential. It is the process of evaluating the qualification and performance of employees based on the job requirements. It serves purposes of administration like promotions, providing financial rewards that require differential treatments as opposed to actions affecting all the staff members equally.

Performance appraisal evaluates merit, quality, or worth. It can be viewed as merit ratings that rank a person as worse or better when compared to the others. Absolute standard of appraisal requires employees to be evaluated based on standards. Each person gets evaluated separately and impartially.


HR is a multi-dimensional role that enables businesses to maximize the benefits of their task force. As an HR professional, one needs to have a wide-range skill set to perform key HR activities. Since the workplace and society are changing, management needs to change to develop to change continuously through changes.

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