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Students Assignment Help June 14, 2016

Introduction to Youth Work: AISEC Australia

Assessment 1: Question 4 (600 words):

Choose an organisation that works significantly with young people in Australia (this can be a youth specific organisation or an organisation that also works with other clients) and describe their ethos, activities and outcomes. Respond forum questions, the response is 600 words, discuss the forum question relating to the unit, referring to unit readings and relevant literature, and indicate areas of personal learning and application.

Introduction to Youth Work: AISEC Australia


About AISEC Australia


About AISEC Australia

In Australia, many significant youth oriented organizations are working. The one among is AISEC Australia. AISEC is a youth governed organization that aims to develop entrepreneurship and leadership skills of youth. AISEC is running in Australia for more than 50 years promoting youth leadership activities, cultural exchange programs, facilitating international internship programs. AISEC Australia creates a global learning environment for youth by engaging them in innovative thinking. AISEC Australia envisionfor peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. AISEC Australia is an independent, not for profit organization that is run by young students and graduates. The members of AISEC Australia are interested in world issues affecting the society, leadership and management.

AISEC Australia is the largest youth run organization that does not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, religion, nationality or social background. The ethos of the organization clearly manifests in value such as promoting leadership skills, demonstrating integrity, act sustainably, diversity, active participation and the spirit to strive for excellence. AISEC Australia is a global youth organization that influences the world through leadership development and international exchange programs (AISEC Australia, 2014).

AISEC Australia has strong alumni that include students, leaders within the business, politician and even a noble peace laureate. According to (AISEC Australia, 2014) AISEC Australia provides wholesome activities and programs for students and companies. The program offers opportunities to young graduates and students to volunteer themselves in global community development program teach and intern in global internship program, participation in team leadership development programs and global learning environment. These programs help the youth in identifying and refining their character personally as well as professionally. The Go teach program of AISEC Australia provides opportunities to youth to develop their professional working experience in the field of education by working for schools or language institution. The GO Lead program of AISEC Australia is a valuable opportunity for youth to develop leadership abilities, increasing global awareness and cultural understanding (About us, 2014).

AISEC Australia the global network partners with companies and offers them opportunities to access specialized youth talent from abroad for short term employment. Also give exposure to companies brand among youth in Australia. Since last 10 years, AISEC Australia has helped the organization to access to youth talent and grow. AISEC Australia for companies has programs such as global talent sourcing and Youth Marketing programs. AISEC Australia grooms future leaders, entrepreneurs and global citizens.


The youth engaged in AISEC Australia believes that society today needs leaders and entrepreneurs who are culturally sensitive, responsible towards society and as well as in their own learning. Recently in 2014, 150 young leaders across the world participated in the discussion, workshops, inspiring youth to develop the skills and mindset to become future leaders. These conferences bring up confidence and communication skills of youth (About us, 2014). These programs benefit the youth by gaining personal and professional skills, offer intense learning experience by living and working in a foreign culture, develops a global network.

The youth is involved in activities and seminars such as cultural development and career development that have the positive impact on communities. AISEC Australia programs give a global experience. The outcome strived towards AISEC Australia is that everyone is part of the global community and so each youth should become change agents who can positively influence the world in the future by taking management and leadership opportunities. The mission of AISEC Australia is to develop responsible future leaders. AISEC provides self-driven practical learning experiences (About AISEC, 2014). AISEC run in a collaborative environment which gives every member a high quality experience, a platform for continuous growth by creating cross generational positive impact on society and youth (Essence and Progress, 2013).



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