New Food Product Development Assignment Sample

New Food Product Development Assignment Sample

Progress and innovation have a huge impact on the growth of an organization. You need to bring about changes in the products you supply to the market. Otherwise, the competitors will leave you behind. In brief, sustainability isn’t essential. Food businesses that sustain and grow, do so by changing the pattern of products. This change enables businesses to meet buyer needs. Experts admit that the nation’s economic growth gets generated by new conceptions. and new ideas.

The unit aims to enlighten students on the importance of innovation in the food industry.

  • Food plays an important role in the tourism and hospitality industry. Developments and improvement of food items play a vital role in attracting clients.
  • Learners get to know about the issues associated with product development. Factors that improvise the current items.
  • They need to knowledge the issues related to large-scale product development.
  • Development of food includes strategies like testing the texture, flavor, and odor.
  • This unit makes the learners familiarized with processes including the tangible analysis.
  • They will get to know how to assess the responses of the clients to the new items.

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Change an existing food, develop new food or beverage product

Plan innovative strategies for developing the food and beverage product.

Planning innovation strategies plays an important part in the food industry. It incorporates small-scale development, presentation methods. It analyses the latest trends in the food industry, and the risk factors involved.

Companies should maintain legislative guidelines like safety issues, commodity labeling, and risk analysis. The impact of globalization in the food industry and trends plays an important role.

1.1 Develop a new beverage or food product, complying with the design specifications

Start of a project, food organizations should be cognizant of the federal and state agencies, Regulating a food product. Once approved by the state laws, the product comes under the FDA for the United States food and drug administration laws or the United States Department of Agricultural Products depending on the type of food item. Some States permit food processing businesses to be developed out of a person’s home, provided that there is a separate place, it does not have a direct entry from living quarters to the processing area. State laws strictly prohibit the utilization of in-house commercial food processing. so it is important to the local zoning laws.

1.2 Discuss the role of legislation in the development of a new product

Food Legislations have been there for the last sixty years to regulate food safety among nations across the world. People comprehend health insurance as protection from chemical-physical or microbial impurities. But, it is much more. People don’t understand the ill effects of unbalanced food Objectives for developing food laws are (WHO/FAO, 2002) are:

  • To provide buyers with a high level of health protection.
  • States must ensure that safe food and feed are available in the market.
  • Companies would protect and nurture plant life and the environment

Development in the food industry comes up with issues related to large-scale development. Before implementing any innovation or development strategy, one should assess the quality. Even the credibility of the products ought to get accessed. For product development, equipment used and packaging needs to get supervised. Staff requires proper training on equipment handling. Products should get tested concerning temperature tolerance. One needs to check quality based on stock replenishment, and storage mechanisms.

2.1 How the development of packaging, equipment, and technological systems affected large-scale production.

Even though the population growth is increasing, technological advancements resulted in massive productivity. It ensures that the agro-industry would be able to serve mankind for years to come. Innovations in the food industry like new GPS sensors, crop sensors, RFID labeling, and the insemination of cows.

Social media platforms have the potential to change the food industry. Different practices and advancements like manures, pesticides, and irrigation frameworks have been around for a long time. It helped to boost large-scale food production. Now they are more efficient, environmental, and user-friendly.

3. Assessment of food quality using objective and subjective tests

Quality assessment using objective and subjective tests plays a vital role in the development and innovation of food items. While the subjective test includes testing the flavor, texture, and acceptability of products, the objective test involves microbial, chemical, and physical tests.

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3.1 Evaluate simple subjective and objective tests for sensory evaluation of food

Sensory evaluation can be viewed as a logical strategy to analyze, measure, and interpret responses to items perceived through smell, taste touch, and hearing. Rheology in sensory assessment is utilized as a tool to design food as it is imperative to sensory perception and processing including surface and mouthfeel. It can examine the structure and interplay between colloidal segments.

Realize feedback and responses of consumers to new products

Food organizations need to understand the feedback/responses of customers to new products. It depends on evaluation strategies like tasting panels, market surveys. It includes targeting the group of audiences and collecting feedback.

a specified procedure gets followed to record responses and assess future developments. The food industry ought to identify the opportunities. It needs to put in place a responsive feedback program for clear understanding.

Steps to develop a new beverage or food product complying with the design specifications

4.1 Range of evaluation techniques to assess the success of a product

Both sensory and objective assessments are important to check the quality of food produced. And ensure that the food produced is accepted by the consumer.

Sensory testing is both time-consuming and expensive. It is because the panelists need to test the food items, so that results are meaningful

Sensory testing gets done based on human perception, touch, taste, odor, and hearing. Food items lose their appeal if they don’t have a pleasing appearance. Note that visual appearance is the key to consumer acceptance of food items. The sensory evaluation process includes factors that contribute to the failure/success of products.

  • Objective tests must be appropriate for the type of food product that is being accessed. It is an attribute that determines the quality of a food product.
  • Objective tests should correlate with the sensory evaluation of the same Item. It ensures that the test is a reliable index of the quality of food.
  • It includes all the instrumental analysis including the laboratory tests. It examines the Chemical composition, bacterial composition, and nutrients composition.


Sensory and Objective methods of evaluation help to assess the food quality. It got proven that the tests interrelate to each other. sensory analysis is imperative for product Innovation and development. Customers play a key role in deciding whether the products are acceptable or not. Still, objective testing is also important for regular monitoring of Food items. We can conclude that the sensory and objective evaluation interrelates to each other. It helps to determine the acceptability of the product mechanically and biologically.

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