Principle of Responsible Business – Environmental Sustainability, Health and Safety Impact Sample

Principle of Responsible Business – Environmental Sustainability, Health and Safety Impact Sample


The underlying assignment has fostered a detailed discussion on two themes-environmental sustainability and health and safety impact. In the present time, business firms are facing increasing environmental concerns and responsibility towards providing a healthy and safe working environment to the organization’s personnel and staff members.

Meaning of Sustainability

Sustainability with respect to business can be said to be the concept of managing the triple bottom line i.e. it is a simple process that companies use to manage its social, financial, and environmental risks along with its responsibilities and obligations. All the above said three impacts are sometimes said to be as the people, profit, and planet in business (Willard and Hitchcock, 2012).

Environmental sustainability

In recent years, the issue of environmental sustainability and health issues has gained paramount importance and significance. The term environmental sustainability deals with the well-being and long term maintenance of the ecological, economic, political, and cultural dimensions. It is worth mentioning that environmental sustainability is a wider term and takes into account ecological, political, cultural, and economic aspects. It has been identified that in the past years business firm is not considered responsible for environmental concerns and its sustainability. But, the emergence of a large number of business firms has created increasing pressure on environmental resources and sustainability.

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More specifically, it is said that the larger the number of business firms, the greater will be the risks of environmental sustainability. This is evident as business firms require various resources for producing goods and services (Willard & Hitchcock 2012). The production and manufacturing processes of business firms create various kinds of negative impacts on the environment like pollution, deforestation, disturbance of ecological balance, and so on and thereby affecting sustainability. In light of this, it is argued that it is the prime responsibility of business firms to align their business processes and activities in accordance with environmental sustainability.
Environmental sustainability requires business firms to reconcile three aspects-environment, social equity, and economic demands. In other words, these three aspects are also considered as three pillars of environmental sustainability. This also seems evident as business activities and functions are undertaken with the purpose of fulfilling social demand and stimulating the economic prospects of the country. Social demand here refers to providing good quality products and services to the country’s people as and when required in order to enable them to live an easier and comfortable life. The production and manufacturing of products by the business firms not only fulfill the demands of people but also affect the economic prospects of the country. The economic prospect here refers to economic development in terms of gross domestic product and export statistics.

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It is said the greater the number of production and manufacturing activities in a country, the higher is the chances of the developed and improved economic prospects. In light of this theorem, business firms are encouraged to expand and extend their production and manufacturing capabilities as it helps in stimulating economic growth through improving the gross domestic product and other trade statistics. On the other hand, it is also argued that a higher number of production and manufacturing activities deters environmental sustainability (Redekop 2010).
Although economic and social demands are fulfilled by it, yet there is a negative impact on the perseverance and maintenance of the environment. In light of this, it is expected that business firms are required to establish a perfect line of balance between social demands, economic concerns, and environmental sustainability.  For this, business firms should conduct and organize the manufacturing and production process in a manner creating a minimum negative impact on the ecological balance and environmental protection and at the same time fulfilling social demand and stimulating economic prospects of the country.

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Health and safety impact

The Health and safety of organizations’ personnel is emerging as a key area and dimension in business firms. It seems obvious as people and organization members who are yielding their best possible efforts for attaining the organisation’s outcomes and results should be taken care of by the organization. This stems from the corporate social responsibility phenomenon asserting that an organisation enjoys an exchange relationship with each of the stakeholders (Karmis 2001).
Employees and organization members are one of the major stakeholders of the business firm and therefore their health and safety concerns should assume top priority areas for the business firm. Apart from the corporate social responsibility theorem, there is also a significant increase in health and safety incidents across the globe. The increasing instances of health and safety have mandated business firms to introduce and implement safety and health programs in order to foster a safe and sustainable working environment for the organization personnel. In this regard, a wide range of occupational health and safety practices has been devised by the regulatory authorities at a global level.


It can be concluded on the basis of the above discussion that addressing environmental sustainability and health and safety issues will pave the path of growth and development for business firms in a long time. This is evident as it will advocate and foster a healthy, safe, and preserving environment for all people where everyone can live a nourishing life.


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