Personalization of Technology

Personalization of Technology


Technology advancement can be considered as one of the prime aspect of social and personal life of people in existing period of time. In present situation, technological measures and their implication can be seen widely over the personal, social and professional life of people. Along with other technological measures, different types of mobile devices such as iphones, Smart phones, tablets, and so on, can be considered as has become one of the integral aspects of the life of the human beings (Harper 2003). These mobile devices have not only made the communication, quite easy and instant phenomena for the user, but it has also enhanced the level of personalization of technology. The prime purpose behind the invention of such type of smart mobile devices was to make the user enable to have anytime and anywhere access of the technology so that he can be able to accomplish his essential tasks without facing any constrains. In regard to this, in existing fast paced life style, the role and usage of such types of smart mobile devices have been enhanced quite intensively by people (Rippin 2005). The dependency and reliance over such crucial mobile devices has been enhanced quite intensively in existing period of time. In context to this, presented essay is directed to explore the phenomena related to the variability of the overdependence over such types of smart, portable and mobile devices. The discussion made in the paper is also directed to explore the degree of technological personalization.
Thesis statement: Whether increasing over reliant on our smart mobile devices are having negative impact on the way human beings are conducting their personal and social lives
The entire discussion made in the paper is directed to evaluate this hypothesis in the most empirical manner.

Personalization of Technology

The personalization of technology can be understood as one of the prime features of technological advancements in existing period of time. The term ‘personalization of technology’ can be referred to the changing patterns of technology usage in existing period of time. Nowadays, different sophisticated technologies have now started to be used for various personal purposes. The orientation of technology has been changed quite intensively. Personalization of technology can be indicated by the dynamic insertion of content and customization of various features of the technologies (Cohen and Schmidt 2013). In direction to this, there are a number of new technologies which have been made in the most customized manner, for the purpose of accomplishing differentiated needs and requirements of individuals. In direction to this, various smart mobile devices, such as iPhones, and tablets have become a part of life of human being.  As per the data researched by a research firm eMarketer, in the UK only about 20 million people are using tablet and other Smart devices at daily basis (Dredge 2013). This figure is representing one third of the total population of the region. This figure is reflecting that the popularity of different types of sophisticated technologies and mobile devices is increasing in the most crucial manner. Smartphone and Iphones have been emerged as status symbol for people. This phenomenon has affected the young generation and teen agers in the most intensive manner. As per a marketing research undertaken by Pew Internet and American Life Project, mobile phones have become an essential and integral part of the life style of 75% of total teenager population of America. In addition to this, the research has also shown that 58% of total population below 12 years is now carrying mobile phones and other smart gadgets. This data and figure is showing that such technologies have spread their roots among young generation of the country (Dependence on technology increases in teens, 2013).
One of the prime reasons behind the increasing usage of different types of mobile devices and smart technologies is the versatile utilities of such crucial technologies. Earlier where mobile phones are considered as the means of communication only, now the phenomena and utilities of such types of devices have been changed quite intensively. Along with conventional usage of mobile phones,  different other crucial functions and facilities, such as photo capturing, video shooting, e-mail exchange, notes keeping, internet surfing and so on, are provided by such types of devices (Balandin, Koucheryavy and Hu 2011). The user does not require carrying different types of equipments for different purpose as one smart mobile device such as iphones, Smartphone, tablets and so on, is capable enough of doing such differentiated tasks simultaneously. There are various different types of crucial platforms including android and windows have made the usage and utilities of mobile devices and Smart technologies in the more versatile and effective. User can accomplish his various tasks with the help of one device (Vitale 2006).
Owing to this reason, due to intensive amount of convenience provided by such type of devices, the usage and utilities of such devices have been enhanced quite intensively. However, this increasing usage of smart mobile devices is gradually converting into overdependence and over expectation of people from such type of devices. Now people are becoming over reliant on mobile smart devices for every single task (Tow 2013). These mobile devices can be used quite intensively for the purpose of accomplishing a number of multiple tasks. In direction to this, the compatibility of such crucial smart technologies with internet will aimed to enhance the use of such type of devices in the most effective manner. With the help of such devices, people have started to use internet quite proficiently and frequently. In addition to this, the windows and android platform on which, such type of mobile and smart devices work, also enable the user to avail the advantages and benefits of various apps for entrainment, e-commerce, and communication purpose (Harper 2003). In this way, the individual needs not to make any significant efforts in undertaking various general and specialized tasks in his daily life. The amount of convenience and time saving benefits provided by such kind of mobile and smart devices is the prime reasons behind increasing dependence of people over them.
The above section has discussed the increasing dependence and reliance of people over various crucial and innovative mobile technologies and devices such as tablets, iphones, and Smartphone. The increasing usage of such devices has brought some significant amount of changes in the living pattern of human being. Such change can be considered quite vital from the perspective of sustainability of the society as the number of people who have adopted or are adopting such technologies in the most integral manger, are increasing in the most rapid manner (Balandin, Koucheryavy and Hu 2011). In direction to this, such increasing rate of mobile devices adoption can cast both positive as well as negative impact over the life style and living pattern of people.

Positive impact of technologies:

Different crucial smart mobile devices like Iphone, Smartphone, tablet, and so on, can cast some crucial and positive impact over the life of people. The first and basic positive influence of such mobile technologies can be seen in the increased level of communication among people. These mobile technologies have enhanced the approachability of a person in the most significant manners. Nowadays one can contact with desired person at anytime anywhere with the help of different types of applications of such types of communication. In addition to this, there are a number of tools and apps available on such mobile devices with the help of which, a person can send images, text messages, videos, documents to another person in the most efficient manner (Vitale 2006). In this way, it can be said that mobile smart devices have played a vital role in bridging physical distance among people.
Along with this, from the perspective of business organizations, increasing usage of such type of effective, innovative, smart and mobile devices has provided a new and strategic direction.  In direction to this, different apps available on such type of mobile devices and their compatibility with internet have enabled the users to use various e-commerce related transactions in the most effective manner. Various crucial financial transactions such as making payments of bills, online shopping, and fund transfer from one place to another can be done in the most effective manner. In this way, it can be said that with the help of such devices and technologies, the user needs not to go out for making their financial transactions (Balandin, Koucheryavy and Hu 2011).
Information retrieval and knowledge enhancement can be considered as one of the prime positive aspects of the increasing usage of such different type of mobile and smart devices. With the help of such mobile devices one can retrieve information anytime and anywhere, which is quite positive from the perspective information collection and knowledge enhance. For instance, application related to global position system (GPS) has allowed the user to locate him in just few second. In addition to this, the system can also retrieve some crucial information related to his nearby position (Tow 2013). In this way, there are some of the crucial benefits of the mobile technologies that can be proved quite helpful for the user in contingent and adverse situation in the most effective manner.

The negative impact of technologies

As every coin has two different sides, it can be stated that mobile and smart technologies can also have some critical negative impacts over life of people. For instance, although different crucial mobile and smart technologies has enhance the virtual socialization of person through different social media related apps, yet still excessive usage of such tools and apps has made the actual socialization and personal bonding among people. People has started to devote some significant amount of time for social media apps available on mobile and smart devices, due to which they cannot be able to spend significant amount of time for their friends, families and relatives. In this way, the excessive use of smart devices and apps are making a person self-centric, which is not good for his personality (Aldana 2005). Moreover such individualization of the personality is also one of the prime reasons behind increasing gaps in families which is not in the favor of sustainability of the society.
In addition to this, such smart devices has enabled people to undertake various tasks such as playing games, texting message, watching videos, listening to music, and surfing internet in the most convenient manner. In increased convenience has decreased level of physical activities of people especially youngsters and induced them towards sedentary lifestyle. This type of lifestyle can lead to some health related problems such obesity, mental pressure, anxiety and heart attack (Positive and negative impact of electronic devices and gadget to the Children, 2013). According to the research conducted by American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, about 33% of teens in the US can be categorized as obese, which can be considered as the major result of increasing sedentary living pattern due to the excessive use of different smart devices. This condition of obesity can result into some chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, depression and arthritis (Roberts 2012).
In this way, it can be considered that excessive use of smart devices can also cast a significant amount of negative impact over people’s work and social relation.


The presented essay has reflected increasing dependency of people over various smart and mobile devices and evaluated their positive as well as negative impact over professional and private life of human beings. On the basis of the analysis of the discussion, it can be concluded that in modern digital era, the dependence and reliance of people over different crucial smart mobile devices like, iphones, Smartphone, tablet have been enhanced quite significantly. This dependence can be good to a certain limit as such devices are providing convenient and time saving means for the purpose of accomplishing various tasks. However, the excessive use of such smart devices can cast some critical negative impact over social relationship and health of the individual. Owing to this, reason, the hypothesis framed earlier in the paper can be reframed by stating that excessive and irrational use of different smart mobile devices can leave harmful impact over personal and professional life of people.


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