Business Process Management Of Frank’s Megatronics Pty Ltd

Solution Considerations

In the current turbulent business practices, Business Process Management (BPM) is significant as it aids organizations to master change and generate immediate and sustainable competitive advantage. However, in order to redesign the development stage and implementing BPM Frank’s Megatronics Pty Ltd have to take into account number of considerations so that it will prove to be fruitful for the company. In this regard, BPM consultants is the prime consideration as they help companies in implementing and managing the substantial investment in BPM as the organisation’s staff knows little about it. The company should assess the capability of its personnel and its IT infrastructure while implementing the BPM project. Moreover, specific targets should be designed for making it more beneficial and avail maximum advantages (Blokdijk 2008).

Choosing the right resources for the redesigning of the development stage and implementation should also be considered by companies. Frank Ltd. should opt resources that are customisable and do not pertain flexibility issues. With respect to this, the cost of bridging the gap, that is, the cost of implementing BPM in terms of time, effort and money should be considered. Companies should carefully plan the development and implementation so that the time required for each activity can be considered along with the personnel and money needed to perform it. Additionally, planning will help Frank Ltd in identifying the nature and level of risks, so that strategies can be designed to mitigate them. It is essential that the supervisors and managers of Frank Ltd, should budge from fire fighting towards a ordered approach in which significant considerations should be considered for making redesigning and implementation a success (Blokdijk 2008).
Blokdijk, G. 2008. Business Process Management Bpm 100 Success Secrets, 100 Most Asked Questions on Bpm Implementation, Process, Software, Tools and Solutions. South Africa:

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