Allbirds SWOT Analysis For USA Students

In this, we will be looking at the SWOT analysis of Allbirds. It is a known fact that SWOT reflects all about an organization. Thus, we shall be including all the important concepts related. Thus, we shall be first looking at an overview of all birds. Later on, this Allbirds SWOT Analysis will talk about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company for USA students.

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Introduction- Allbirds SWOT Analysis for USA Students

Moving on, this is quite an important concept for the students of management in USA. Consequently, we shall be providing all the necessary information related to the topic. For the same reason, we shall also be dividing the sample essay into different sections. This is done for the sake of simplicity and clarity.

Moreover, as mentioned before. We shall be starting our discussion with having an overview of “Allbirds”. This will provide us a better understanding of the brand and thus, a better understanding of SWOT.

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Main body- Allbirds SWOT Analysis for USA Students

1. Overview of Allbirds

Allbirds co. is San Francisco-based start-up that was established back in 2016. This startup aims at creating footwear that is applying as well as eco-friendly. Moreover, the brand was started by Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger. Regardless, the brand even before its establishment as a shoemaker it started its foundational activities as soon as 2004.

Moreover, Allbirds introduced new wool Runner’sfootwear which uses superfine Merino Wool of USA. Some of its key features include source sustainability, minimized odor, moisture removal, as well as all-weather comfort. In addition to this, the majority of production, promotion, and design is carried out with outsourced support. Nevertheless, the carbon footprint is 60% lesser than its synthetic counterpart.

Moving on, in the next section of the sample essay we shall be looking at the SWOT analysis including all of the different aspects of the same. Thus, it is as mentioned below:

2. Strengths of Allbirds

The first aspect of SWOT analysis is the “strength”. Thus, in this section, we shall be looking at the strengths of the brand “Allbirds”. Therefore, the strengths of the same re, as mentioned below:

  • Highly successful market strategies
  • Good brand Image and recognization
  • Ecofriendly products and operations
  • Backed by a good amount of investment as well as an increasing number of investors.
  • Sustainable and well-known products
  • Market relevant Niche strategy
  • COnsiderable competitive advantage in said market

3. Weaknesses of Allbirds

The second part of the SWOT analysis shall be discussed in this section of the sample essay. Namely, “weaknesses”. Thus, we shall be looking at the weaknesses of the brand. These weaknesses are following:

  • Limited spread over the global market.
  • Not a threat to other competitors.
  • A limited number of products offered.
  • Relatively small organizations hence limited growth.
  • Lack of distribution channels.
  • the target marketing model isn’t mainstream relevant.


4. Allbirds Opportunities

As the title suggests, in this section we shall be looking at the opportunities available to the brand. It is also the third section of the aspect of the SWOT analysis.

  • Potential to grow.
  • higher investment opportunities.
  • Availability of customer base.
  • Nature-friendly operations thus sustainable operations.

5. Threats to Allbirds

Lastly, we shall be looking at the threats to the Allbirds co. It is also the last section of SWOT analysis as well. Thus, without further adieu:

  • Supply chain management-related risks.
  • Overly dependent on outsourcing.
  • Financial positioning of the brand.
  • Lack of basic product line.
  • Lack of fundamental resources.


The SWOT analysis of Allbirds is very important for USA students. It will help them in their future careers with the company, and it can even be used to get a job at the company itself. Thus, this essay sample should be read carefully by all who are interested in working for or starting their own business with Allbirds.

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