Dynamic Leadership – Gallup leadership assessment Answer

Dynamic Leadership – Gallup leadership assessment Answer


Gallup test has been conducted that is based on five themes such as- includer, restorative, strategic, communication and connectedness. These themes put significant impact on the performance of every leader(DuBrin, 2015). The report of the test has stated that I excel in includer theme as I do not encourage any kind of discrimination within the team and I make special effort to involve every member greatly within the team, so they do not feel deprived.
According to the result of the restorative theme, I have great knowledge of right and wrong and I take initiative to convert every wrong into right. The result has shown that I excel in strategy making as I can play with language and verbalize my ideas greatly in front of others and listen to them properly. The result has shown that I believe in the two-way communication process. I seek other’s opinions after sharing my stories, experiences with them. The result has claimed that I share a strong connection with other team members, as I have the willingness to break down the barriers of caste, race and age and so on.

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Reaction on the Result:

After analysing the Gallup test result,I have become able to connect it with my own self-perception. As since my school time I was aware of the fact that I can easily connect with people positively. I have friends from various cultural backgrounds, and I used to share strong bonding with them. It has made me realise my strengths. After growing up, I have received several feedbacks from my professors and workplace leaders about my leadership quality. It has led my boss to make me leader of diversity management team that looks after the employee’s well beingthat belong to different countries or cultural and language background and organizational policies, as he is sure about the fact that I will be able to provide a safe and healthy working environment to everyone(Ozturk & Tatli, 2016).
However, I have become concerned about the fact that being extremely vocal about right and wrong I can become the target for pressure groups or senior employees of the organization that prefer to misuse their power and position for personal benefit(Salin, et al., 2019).

Initial Thoughts:

The Gallup test report has highlighted several strengths of my character that can be beneficial for my current and future career development. The result of the test has shown that I cannot only verbalise my opinion or state my words properly in front of others, but I have a strong listening capability as well. Hence, I can convince others easily by listening to their ideas and understand their point of view. It provides a sense of importance to the team members and encourages them to participate in the teamwork(Jahromi, Tabatabaee, Abdar, & Rajabi, 2016). Hence, it will increase effectiveness in my current and future performance significantly.

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As per the previous discussion, it can be concluded that I have some key strengths like effective communication skills, active listening skills, strong team leading capacity and so on. The Gallup test result has highlighted all the strengths that can influence the efficiency level of performance in positive manner. The test result has reflected my own self perception as well as it has increased my concern as excessive vocal nature may lead me towards major problems within the workplace.


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